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Mar 23, 2008 03:04 PM

Chinese noodle restaurants in Toronto?

I'm from Vancouver and I used to go to a noodle place called Sha Lin Noodle House on W. Broadway. They make their own noodles that are always perfectly al dente and they're MSG-free. I've been craving their ja jiang dragging noodles with minced pork and sliced cucumbers. Can anybody recommend any good noodle places that have ja jiang on the menu preferably in downtown??

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  1. I don't think anyone downtown still makes their own noodles anymore. Swatow and King's Noodle used to, but both used dried now. But doesn't Mother's Dumplings have a fresh noodle dish?

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      Yes, I think Mother's Dumplings is as close to hand made noodles, and msg-free as you can get, in downtown Toronto. Yes, according to their menu (, they do have ja jiang mian! :) Nice, I didn't know that... the one time I've went, I went to get the da lu noodles that everyone told me to get. But yeah...

      If not downtown, there's the famous hand-made noodle stall at Pacific Mall. I forget what that one's called, but other Hounds could remind you, I'm sure. Not so msg-free there tho ... but lots of variety. As far as I could remember, you could either get hand pulled noodles (la mian), or knife cut noodles! I've not tried them, but others have .....

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        The one in Pacific Mall is actually at 2nd floor food court. btw, there are 2 food court in 2nd floor and they are inside the village. They hand pull the noodle right in front of you.

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          It's called Sun's Kitchen. Just listen for the distinctive FWAP.

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            Sun's also makes good snacks. Had their beef pan fried pancake roll thing... very greasy and very good.

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            I went to this place a couple months ago.
            Wow..It was like eating a bowl of broth seasoned with startch...


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              yeah i went to sun's just yesterday, and had their noodle shaved noodles ... i think i need to try their hand pulled noodles. the shave noodles was chewy (which was a good thing), but just lacked the oomph of noodles .... and the slurpiness of it. the soup was nice and light, but the meat wasnt so good (i had the ribs). cost was $6.22 (with tax incl.).

      2. Welcome, fellow Vancouverite!

        Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to try out Sha Lin; we lived closer to Legendary on Main and 26th(?).

        Do try jennjen18's suggestion for Mother's Dumplings, and let us know how it compares.

        Overall, I'd say Toronto's got a lot more places to try compared to Vancouver, so have fun exploring. Ideally you would need to get out to Scarborough/Markham for more choice, though.

        1. Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll be sure to check out Mother's Dumplings since I live downtown.

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            I've only tried their Da Lu noodles (not the hand made one) and found the noodles to be good and al dente.