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Mar 23, 2008 02:33 PM

Need Sushi Bday dinner advice.....

Happy long weekend to all!! I need some sushi advice (since it is not my fav food choice).
I am planning to take my dh out for a nice bday sushi dinner. Sushi is his fav (he loves hiro, ninki, nami.....). Have read many reviews and was planning on going to Katsura - but more recent reviews are suggesting it now lacks in sushi area. I need to have some "tacky terriaki options" for me too.
Althogh I am looking for a nice atmosphere (sorry ninki), I dont want to break the bank too much either (Kaji sushi looks to be a bit too pricey)
Advice? Downtown OR along Yonge street - downtown to 905 works too.
Thank you so much for any suggestions.........

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  1. He wants sushi, you want tacky teriyaki, nice atmosphere, not too pricey...sounds like Nami.

    1. Or maybe Blowfish... it doesn't have tacky teriyaki, but it has some decent choices for those who don't eat raw fish (and good options for those who do).

      Note: can be scene-y, and might be price-y (depending on how you order), but it does feel special occasion-al (pretty room).

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      1. re: Rabbit

        Thank you both for the suggestions. Have been to both, and enjoyed. Nami is my back-up if need be, but was hoping to find somewhere new.

        1. re: jaxson18

          Sado Sushi? Regular boring stuff on the regular boring menu, interesting stuff under Chef's Specialties.

      2. If you mean 905 north, many here rave about Akasaka in Richmond Hill. I can't rec as I haven't been. However, I note the hounds that do rec it are some of the sushi heavyweights of the board. Perhaps this will draw them out for their opinions.

        There isn't another sushi room like Nami downtown. If you simply wanted to shake it up a little, then perhaps the sister resto of Nami, Takesushi, would do it. Great quality and service there. The room isn't as pretty, but as I said, Nami is alone in the decor dept.

        Aside from these two I think the rest are either outside of your borders (Zen) or outside of your budget (Ki).

        1. Since we have done the blowfish, nami, sado thing - I will I will try out takesushi. I am grateful for the help!

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          1. re: jaxson18

            I have a better idea and you'll thank me for it. Japango on Elizabeth St., south of Dundas. Only about 20 seats in the whole place. The food is excellent. The sushi is great, but so is the teriyaki. I've only had the salmon teriyaki and it was one of the best cooked pieces of salmon I've had in a while. The omikase (chef's choice) would be great for your DH, and you can stick with menu. We love it there. They have this one kind of sushi, butterfish maybe, which he blowtorches, giving it a smoky flavour. It's got the most incredible texture after the blowtorch: a little leathery on the outside and soft in the middle. Amazingly good.

            It's our go-to Japanese place in TO, although we really like Nami too. Don't like Sado much. The weird, thick sauces and combinations of ingredients don't really do it for me.

            My wife's b-day is on Thursday, so I bit the bullet and made reservations at Kaji. Never been there before so should be an experience. Yeah, it's over the top price wise, but I figured it would be okay for a splurge. We won't be going back for a (long) while. Really looking forward to it though.

            1. re: acd123

              acd123, don't you find Japango lacks in the OP's desire for a "nice atmosphere"? A romantic birthday date and sitting cheek by jowl with the diners around you seems incongruous.

              1. re: Googs

                Yeah, Googs, on second thought, you're right. I really like the ambience there, but it's not the most romantic place in town. And Cutehinano, I hope you're experience was just an off night. If Japango has indeed gone downhill, that would be really disappointing.

                1. re: acd123

                  If I had to go to Japango I would order a la carte so at least you won't have to deal with the inconsistencies as much. Omakase was $70pp before tax and tip and we had way more and way better food for less money there before.

              2. re: acd123

                Japango went way downhill last time I went. Had the omakase and there was barely any food. Not impressive at all. Had to order an extra roll.