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Mar 23, 2008 02:04 PM

Most interesting fries you've had?

We've all had cheese fries...what delicious and strange fries have you had in Philly or on the road?

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  1. Without a doubt the most satisfying fries I have ever had anywhere are called String fries which look like the rubber inside of a baseball and taste absolutely divine.
    Where? Moro restaurant in Wilmington.

    1. I loved the sauces that come with the fries at Monk's (bourbon mayo) and the Bards (curry)--they're more memorable to me than the fries at either place.

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        1. The fries at Snackbar are excellent. They are lightly coated with herbes de provence, and come with a garlic dip and a spicy homemade ketchup dip. Thank you.

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