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Mar 23, 2008 01:33 PM

Marcel's Menu Recs

I have reservations at Marcel's to try their seven course tasting menu with wine pairings and was hoping to get some recommendations on what shouldn't be missed on the menu. Thanks!

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  1. i'd definitely have some Tums along for such a grand feast of such rich food! :) Seriously, although it's been some time since we dined at Marcel's i do remember the lobster bisque being quite tasty, and the Valrhona chocolate dessert was quite memorable as well. Good wine list too. They do more unusual selections such as game as i recall. But the two things above i can vouch for, and the cheese course (which i can't remember the type now, but it was good AND served room temp which was nice).
    You'll have to report back on what you got and how it was....i'd be especially interested in how they paired the wines and if you were pleased with that.

    1. I actually just went the other night. I did the five course and was so supremely stuffed from that you are a brave soul to do all seven.

      The veal cheeks were very good braised to be butter soft, the rabbit was excellent I loved the flavor especially the carrot ginger sauce, it was perhaps my favorite of the courses. I had monkfish ratatouille which I liked the bf had another fish maybe a salmon that was excellent too, he liked it better than mine, but I didn't mine was slightly crisp and with all the richness to follow I appreciated the vegetables in the ratatouille. We both had the lobster bisque/lobster salad duo which was excellent big chunks of lobster not too rich and tasted perfect with each other. They had chocolate souffle which was good too, although one of our first fell so we had to wait a few minutes for them. Tasted like a normal souffle but good, if you like chocolate. I forget what else bf had I know he had the Boudin which was excellent. But the menu has some small changes regularly for the different courses so it may not be exactly the same...

      1. The boudin blanc should not be missed.

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          I saw this on the online menu. What exactly is the dish like?

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            It is a light and airy sausage, about the fluffiest lightest sausage you may not be able to even imagine unless you have had it, with a mushroom sauce.

            1. re: ktmoomau

              That sounds delicious - I definitely plan on ordering it for one of my courses!

          2. re: mnadel

            I second this and I don't even like sausage- my boyfriend tricked me into a taste and wow!!