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Kosher meat restaurant in Lake County, Illinois

I know of a small bbq/grill, primarily take out, in Highland Park, but would love to find a kosher meat restaurant where one can sit and enjoy a really good meal at lunch or dinner. It seems that most if not all of the kosher meat places are in Skokie and Evanston which are quite inconvenient in distance. Does anyone know of a place i may have overlooked or possibly rumors of something really great opening along or near the Lake Cook Road corridor? Thank you in advance.

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  1. There just isn't enough demand in the area to support the type of restaurant you are looking for. In the Skokie area you have a high enough concentration of people that would frequent a meat restaurant.

    There aren't that many places in that area where you can buy kosher meat so why would there be a high demand for a full service kosher meat restaurant? Don't take this the wrong way but my experience is that most people don't understand the economic considerations of operating a kosher restaurant.

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      I guess you are right but still would hope that since there is a very large Jewish population in that area that people would patronize the place if it existed. Having lived in NJ the majority of my life, i never realized how spoiled we were in having access to so many kosher butchers and all type of kosher restaurants within such close proximity. I have eaten fish out so many times that in short order i may develop scales. A lovely grilled steak or any other meat dish would be a wonderful experience.

    2. No you are correct - the mojority of kosher places is either skokie/evanston or rogers park - I did hear though there might be an addition to Shaevits/Now We're Cooking Grill and Highland Park Jewel/Garden Fresh - that a new restaurant is opening up - Mizrahi Grill - 215 Skokie Valley Rd. Highland Park, IL 60035 847-831-1400 - supposedly kosher due to have opened mid-march -

      1. Just a point of note, some people don't accept the certification used at Shaevitz/Now You're Cooking. So if you plan on taking guests there, be sure to verify they accept that hasgacha.

        Didn't know about Mizrachi. Anyone know who's cerfiying. Sound great.

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          I came across at lthforum.com - been keeping my open as well -

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            I checked it out, and Mizrachi Grill will be cRc, when it opens.

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              Did you get a date for opening? Maybe they will open for Chol Hamoed -

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                My wife heard from some folks at the Kosher section in the Jewel in Highland Park that they were due to open this week. I've called over and their voicemail has changed, but doesn't provide an opening date. I did leave a voice mail, so hopefully they'll call back.

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                  Everyone get your forks ready - I just called back and they are open today! :D

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                    If anyone is going let us know how it was!!! Would have been cool if they would have waited it out and opened on Chol Hamoed - would be the only kosher restaurant for Pesach in Chicago! Or would the place become cursed like Ronnie's? I would think it would be a great way to get people in that may not normally make a trek to Highland Park.

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                      I'm a bit mixed, so far. My wife took the food to go, so it wasn't at it's peak as far as temperature or presentation (both to be expected). Prices range from about $6 - $10 for a pita and about $16 - $25 for a dinner. The dinners included your choice of two sides and one salad (baba ganouj and the like).

                      We tried the Shwarma and Jerusalem Mix dinners. The Shwarma was simply the Shwarma meat presented with the two sides and the Jerusalem Mix included chicken, beef and lamb. The portions were nicely sized. The beef was a bit overdone, but both were nice meals. I liked the Jerusalem Mix better as a dinner. I think the Shwarma would have been better as a pita, which they also offer.

                      They were exceptionally busy tonight and they had a bit of trouble with the cash register, which delayed the food a bit more. It was opening night. :)

                      I'd go back and give it another whirl. I'm more than willing to admit, taking the food to go probably reduced the overall experience a bit. I could see the Pitas being very good, based on what I tried tonight. I wasn't blown away by the food, but even some of my favorite restaurants have lacked on opening night and for the first few weeks of being open.

        2. Hey Faleentoby...I hear and am planning on going tonight to a new CRC restaurant in crossroads on Skokie...mew Max's I think they serve meat..good luck

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            That is the new Mizrahi Grill - I will be interested in hearing your reviw -

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              I'd be interested in hearing what you try and how it turns out. I had the food to go from Mizrahi Grill and it was their opening night, so hopefully they're more in the swing of things by tonight!

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                I checked the place out this past Friday with some of my Jewish friends from work. I'm a vegetarian, which for some reason doesn't make keeping kosher any easier, but anyway...I had the falafal pita. It was pretty good; stuffed w/ Israeli salad, fries, pickles, hummus. That was only $6 for lunch and very filling. My friends had the shwarma, they said it was pretty good. I will definitely go back for the falafal and the other salads they have, but being a veggie, I'm limited. We need to support them, a kosher restaurant up here is great! They have kids meals, so even stopping in and grabbing fries and nuggets will keep them around. Very friendly too...

            2. Went there today for lunch - sampled the shwarma, schnitzel and the mixed grill pitas - of the three schnitzel was my least favor - the shwarma and schnitzel were great - served israelie style - you can choose form any of the fillings for your pita - definitely will be going back - interested in seeing what dinner is like -

              1. 1. Let's make sure we support them so they can stay open.
                2. Unlike Shaevitz/Now We're Cookin, they are CRC approved!
                3. Great news for them, they were absolutely slammed at lunch and dinner time on Sunday, April 6th. Consider giving them a couple of weeks to get settled or please go their with patience in mind.
                4. If you are a When Harry Met Sally person, order cautiously. The sandwich that I got to go had everything in it including chicken, beef, onions, sauce, and french fries too. It was fine for me, might not be for everyone else.
                5. I wish them nothing but the best of luck, the North Suburbs are LONG overdue for a Kosher Restaurant like this.

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                  I'm taking more to go tonight. You are right, it's long overdue to have any Kosher restaurants in this area. We could use a Kosher, excellent NY style deli. It's just not cost efficient enough for me to fly to NYC whenever I need a hot pastrami fix! ;)

                  I am very eager to see how they are a week later. Has anyone tried the Kabobs yet? I'm thinking about trying those tonight. According to the gentleman who answered the phone, the Mom's Special Kabob is ground beef, for anyone who's wondering. ;)

                  I'm hoping Mizrahi succeeds. Whenever I've talked to folks who have Kosher restaurants elsewhere in the country, about opening something in the Chicago suburbs, I'm always told that there just isn't enough demand and not enough people that would care. Personally, I think they're wrong! :)

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                    I too hope they succeed - I know I will be making the trek up from skokie-

                    BTW I know there is no NYC deli but does not stop you from getting quality corned beef/pastrami - I think Romanians matches up with any Corned Beef/pastrami I have had in NYC -

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                      True. I've gotten some very good Pastrami at Hungarian as well. It's not that my wife and I aren't adept at cooking, it'd just be nice to have a few options to go out to and enjoy a meat dinner.

                      I hadn't realized how much I missed hot pastrami sandwiches and brisket platters until I went back to NYC for work a couple of years back. I think I went through withdrawal when I returned to the Chicago 'burbs!

                      Hopefully Mizrahi will continue to garner more and more support and influence others to come to the area. My vote is just for an excellent, eat-in deli. ;)

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                        You are right - there is something to be said for walking into a place and just ordering a hot pastrami on rye or pumpernickel - no muss no fuss

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                      Well, my wife brought home more Mizrahi Grill tonight. Absolutely wonderful. I got the Shish Kabobs with green beans and fries. Karen got the Jerusalem Mix Pita. Both were exceptionally enjoyable. We wound up taking ownership of the other's dinner during the course of eating for periods. The Pita presentation really tasted completely different than the Mix dinner. Somewhat expected, but with the same base, I thought it would taste a bit more familiar. My kabob was served without the skewer (this was to go) and was cooked perfectly.

                      My favorite part of the meal may have been the green beans. They were great and very much like a presentation that I used to get at a Greek restaurant years ago, with tomato mixed in. Very flavorful and matched the food very well.

                      I know we'll be back again!

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                        Hi I'm from around the Dekalb area. Does anyone know any kosher butchers that I can have to butcher a cow?