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Mar 23, 2008 01:02 PM

Fish and Farm Review. Hyper local? [moved from San Francisco board]

Is it me, or do these words mean nothing anymore?
Sablefish? Salmon?
Sablefish, according to my fish monger, is from Alaska.
Salmon season has not opened yet locally, and might not this season.
Mostly local and organic? It is harder to eat otherwise in this area, shouldnt we afford these words more weight? Shouldnt the chron. know this also?
Am I being too semantic here?

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  1. What are you writing about? A link would be great.

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      1. re: frontzNskrontz

        I'd like to see Bauer note a bit more information than just "hyper-local" which is his term, not the restaurant's and writing that they "gather as many products as possible from within 100 miles."

        From the restaurant's website:
        All meats and seafood are sustainable farmed or harvested. We serve naturally fed, anti-biotic, hormone, and steroid free meats only. We adhere to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s watch list on Seafood.
        All produce is organic and from within 100 miles of this restaurant.
        All meats and fish are as local as we can get and still put food on your plates!

        That all sounds great and, taking them at their word, is a pretty good set of criteria. It's both more and less, depending on your view, than what Bauer wrote of them. I'd rather sustainable and organic than local if I had to choose in some cases.

        Ultimately, this is another instance of Bauer's reviews not being as well constructed as I'd like.

    1. Disclosure: I own Fish & Farm. M. Bauer had the Sablefish at our restaurant two months ago and it was from local day boats out of Half Moon Bay. Call it Black Cod, call it whatever, it was local. Our Salmon, as we state, is Sustainably farmed from Scotland. We serve this to make the point of 2 things. 1) The West Coast salmon are dying off. 2) The UN and other watchgroups consider the type of open water sustainably farmed salmon to be an important component of the future of feeding the world safely and effectively at a low cost. Local proteins on our menu when we we reviewed included Montery squid, mackeral, sardines. In addition we used, from 100 miles, clams, oysters, line caught ling cod, halibut, sole, pork, beef, lamb, and a potato pasta made from Marin County potatoes. Also on the menu was all produce sourced from within 100 miles. Citrus was California winter citrus from about 150 miles. So we are very, very true to what we state on our menus and what we state on our website. We seek every measure possible to be eco-friendly and work with those that do the same. Thanks for your feedback and we hope to see you scrutinizing the menu closely while dining with other eco-minded guests in our restaurant.