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Mar 23, 2008 11:19 AM

Las Vegas [Moved from Ontario]

Looking for recommendations on where to dine on the Las Vegas strip.

What are the top 5 'must dine' hot spots that I shouldn't miss?

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  1. My list:
    Alex-a true 5-star experience
    Bartolotta-one of my favorite seafood and Italian experiences. Go family style!
    Aureole (some debate about this one, but I stick behind it)
    Picasso-wonderful restaurant with original works, fountains, great food and service
    Daniel Bouloud
    The last two I like about the same. Both have stellor French Bistro fare.
    I have not been to Joel R. or Guy S. as of yet. I'm sure they will find their way onto my top 5 once I check them out.
    Happy dining!

    1. If money is no object:
      1. Joel Robuchon: hard to describe how good the food looks as well as tastes.
      2. Guy Savoy: not as good as Robuchon, but still stellar.
      3. Alex: before the above two opened, it was the best in town; nearly as good as Guy Savoy, and a lot less expensive.
      4. Picasso: the best restaurant in its day, it's still very good.
      5. Bartolotta: order whole fresh Mediterranean fish. It's prepared very simply, but it's very good indeed.

      This list is pretty heavy on French food. If you're looking for more variety, consider Okada, but only for the tasting menu (or if you're in the mood for traditional-style sushi, which is also very good).

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      1. re: Larry

        Read the review on your webpage about omakase at Okada which compelled me to try it last week. It is a beautiful restaurant for sure. I was disappointed in the omakase however. I will preface by saying that everything was very good and well-presented. My problem was that the menu was merely a collection of highly regarded items right off the regular menu. There was little creativity or thought in the making of the menu in my perspective. The best tasting menus I've experienced (i.e. Alex) have items not found on the regular menu. Even though there were great courses like kobe beef, lobster and robatayaki, I could have ordered any of those right off the menu. Like I said, all was good, just not real interesting or creative.

        On the flip side, I found the family style tasting at Bartolotta to be mind-blowing. The variety is amazing with everything from langostine to scallops, octupus, and multiple types of fish. I don't think I'd order any other way there. The whole fish is great and is a part of the tasting. Expensive (but less than omakase at Okada) but completely worth it.

        Boy am I looking forward to trying Guy S. and Joel R.