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Mar 23, 2008 11:12 AM

restaurants near Boston Harbor Hotel-Sel de terre w/child?

We are staying at the Boston Harbor Hotel for my husband's business seminar, and taking our 4 1/2 y.o. with us. Need a restaurant for dinner nearby, not too noisy, not too formal. Our son actually prefers adult food to kid menus (usually order an appetizer or 1/2 portion for him, although he does like french fries). Would Sel de Terre be practical for dinner? Or is it better for brunch? Any other suggestions? We would like a nice wine selection for the adults...

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  1. Sel dlt would be just fine. They do have a kids menu, which indicates that they are kid friendly. Take a look at the menu on line to be sure that there is something he would eat off the adult menu as it is somewhat eclectic.

    1. It would be perfect and since I didn't get to you in time for Bruch-- go for dinner!

      1. Thank you for your responses. I looked at the online menu, and it looks like Sel would work for us either for dinner. As a backup/alternative, how is the Meritage restaurant in the hotel? By the way, we are going next weekend. Oh, and I need a second nearby restaurant for Friday night dinner, also kid friendly. Any other Suggestions?

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          We took my daughter to Sel de la Terre for the first time when she was about 10. She ordered something from the kids' menu, probably pasta w/butter, then proceeded to eat half of my steak frites. For your other dinner, you could consider Legal Sea Foods; it has both detractors and proponents on the board, but they definitely have a good kids' menu, even if you don't need it. My daughter always loved the fish shaped ravioli with tomato sauce, and unlike a lot of restaurants, they have a good kids' salad. Otherwise, you can always make a meal out of appetizers in combination. I like the light chowder with the salad that has blue cheese, for instance. It's right across from the Aquarium, so whether you choose to go in or not, he can at least enjoy the seals outside. Also, it's not a bad walk to the North End from where you'll be, which opens up many possibilities. You could search the board, as there are many recent posts. Just bring warm clothes and good shoes-there's a lot of wind on the water, and is only showing 45 for next weekend. Hope they're wrong, unless you're coming from someplace colder!

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            Excuse my ignorance, this is our first time overnighting in Boston, is the North End the Italian section? I read that Prezza on Fleet Street was very good, but it might be too upper end/formal for a child, and I am not even sure if that is the North End. Also there was a venezuelan restaurant, but I can't find the post (or remember the name) to know if that was in the same area.

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              No need to feel ignorant, but yes, that is the Italian section. My husband and I went to Prezza for the first time this fall to celebrate a big anniversary. We spent a bundle, and it was worth it, but I think it's pretty high end to bring a child. There are many more moderate places that would probably be more suitable, though in terms of atmosphere, it wasn't stuffy- there was a large party of adults next to us, 10 or more, that were really loud, and it was actually kind of annoying. For example, Pagliuca's or Antico Forno might work better, or if you're big pizza fans, Regina's, which is mentioned a lot on the board (but only serves pizza). At any rate, it's a fun place to walk around and soak up the atmosphere, though it's gotten less old school as time has gone on. I think you might be thinking of Taranta, which I believe is Argentinian and Italian; I have not been there, but it has received good reviews. You could look it up and see if it's what you're thinking of. Also, I don't know if you're into afternoon tea, but they do a really nice one at your hotel. We spent a couple of nights in town (we live in a Boston suburb) during winter vacation 2 yrs. ago, and went there for tea on a cold afternoon. My daughter was 12 at the time- I have brought her to afternoon tea since she was 5, and though she ordered from the kids' menu instead of the tea when she was younger, she always enjoyed the experience. The whole thing was nice there- atmosphere, food, service, view. Enjoy!