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Visit to KC- Blue Koi

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We went to Blue Koi for lunch when we got in. Very cool place and what a wonderful little funky neighborhood. I was really into the vibe of it the minute we pulled into the block. Kansas city seems to have a lot of that.
I was a bit worried that my 15 year old might have trouble finding something. She tends to stick to her one Chinese dish and nothing like that was on Blue Koi's menu.
Nonetheless, she ended up doing just fine.
We started with the Chicken Dumplings. Very nice. I am unsure if the dumplings were made from scratch. I am guessing they were. They were very good.
My daughter ended up with the Chicken in Black bean sauce. She was very hesitant on it because the "Black Bean" part really throws her. She does not really like beans.
However, luckily the "black bean" part of it is not really something that comes through so much. She LOVED it. She mentioned it for a couple of days afterward. We both agreed that it was possibly some of the best cooked chicken we had ever tasted in an Asian type dish like this. Sometimes, it can be dry, other times fine. This was just PERFECT. They have the size/cooking ratio down perfectly. It was juicy, yet cooked enough. It is a fine line sometimes.
It also had some awesome mushrooms in it. I believe Shiitake. She doesn't like those much so I was the beneficiary!
I had the Shiitake Mushroom and Tofu over some great homemade noodles. Nice place with a good vibe and friendly server.
Here are some pics we took.


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  1. Glad you liked Blue Koi, I live less than 2 blocks from there. It's time for a dumpling fix! The dumplings are definitely made from scratch, right there at Blue Koi.

    1. Glad to hear you tried out Blue Koi and enjoyed it as much as a lot of us here do! As Zataar said, the dumplings are made from scratch and so delicious. Where else did you go while you were in KC?

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        I went to several places. I am posting and putting up pics as I have time.

        Pizza Bella
        Jack Stack
        Elbow Chocolates


      2. I love the fried tofu w/ spicy sauce at blue koi. Yum yum!

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