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Mar 23, 2008 10:56 AM

Cape May Off season Recs wanted

Baltimore Hound headed to Cape May very soon to celebrate our anniversary. We are staying at the Queen Victoria B&B and looking for some reccomendations for dinner and lunch spots. Looking for a range of places from great taverns to best of the best that are open in March. Great food and atmosphere is a must, if you can report on $$ that would be great!

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    1. I'd recommend Peter Sheilds Inn for a nice dinner - they're open year round and change their menu seasonally.

      1. If it's a food-uber-alles dinner you seek, we love Louisa's Cafe
        It's cramped, it's tiny, and it's a bear to get a reservation (You must call after 4PM the day of, and it's only open for dinner off-season Friday and Saturday.) Still, if you don't mind being squeezed tight with strangers, the cuisine is quite good and reasonably priced. Given the choice between Louisa's and the much touted Bank Street, we'd do (and did do) Louisa's every time. Enjoy!

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          Did a little research and Lousia's sounds great. Hope to check it out. Also thinking about Moonfish Grill and Blue Pig Tavern.
          Peter Shields might be a little fancier/priceyer than we are planning (but not off the table)

          Also have heard good things about Black Duck and Harborview(as a Lobsterhouse alt.) Any Hounder reports on these places?

          1. re: poached

            Louisa's is excellent - I didn't realize it was open now. I've had lunch at the Blue Pig and it was fine, never had dinner though. Black Duck is good, never been to Harborview, but I'd choose anywhere over the Lobsterhouse.

            There is a place across the road from the Lobsterhouse that's good for lighter fare, pizza, etc, but I can't remember the name of it.

              1. re: Rocket88

                Thanks so much for all the input!