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Mar 23, 2008 10:43 AM

Duluth, GA

My wife, father and I will be road-tripping from Miami to Duluth (any recs along the way appreciated, too) and will be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Would love a recommendation for a Friday night BBQ joint and a Saturday AM breakfast Southern breakfast. A little driving is ok (I wanted to go to the Dillard House, but was voted down because it's too far), since the Atlanta area is huge.

Please, please, please give me your wise counsel.

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  1. I'm afraid you'll have better luck with Asian than with bbq in Duluth...unless you go to the guy with the smoker at the Kroger parking lot on Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

    If you're coming up I-75, consider stopping at Buckner's Family Restaurant in Jackson, GA for a really great southern experience. $12 AYCE, sit at a round table with strangers and a lazy susan having all the down-home favorites: fried chicken, bbq, cornbread, cobbler, etc.

    1. There's a Dreamland BBQ just down Medlock Bridge/Peachtree Industrial from Duluth that serves pretty good BBQ (from Alabama). Another fun place is Swallow at the Hollow, in Roswell (about a 10 - 15 minute drive) - they often have live music on Friday nights and good 'cue! (Definitely off the beaten path, but worth looking for!) How far are you willing to drive for breakfast on Saturday?? Many places in mind, but not sure where you are willing to drive.

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        God, I love Chowhound. Buckner's sounds absolutely perfect, and if we drive through at dinner time, perfect. Dreamland and Swallow are very intriguing- where is the Q superior?
        As far as breakfast, 30-45 minutes for something good and Dillard House-esque would be great. (I should say that this breakfast detour will cost me extended and crazy family time, so there's an added benefit :) )

        1. re: barbaglutton

          Also in Jackson is Fresh Air BBQ. It has been at that location since 1929 and was voted best bbq in Georgia by WSB radio listeners way back in 1950. Their T-shirts still advertise that they are the best in Georgia. Chopped pork sandwiches are the extent of their menu, but they are very tasty. They also have a newer location near I-16 in Macon. I keep wanting to try Buckner's, but have only been to Fresh Air.

          For bbq in the north metro area, I would not go to Dreamland. Swallow at the Hollow is much better. Swallow is closed Sunday and Monday. Across the street is Greenwood's on Green Street, which is one of the better southern restaurants in metro Atlanta. Portions are large, but it is important to leave room for pie - one of their specialties. The pies are so good that our adult son asked for a coconut cream pie for his birthday instead of cake. He has good tastes.

          A little closer southern meal is available at Alpha Soda near downtown Alpharetta. Depending on what part of Duluth you will be in, you may find it easy to venture into the Alpharetta/Milton/John's Creek area - or it may be better to explore the Buford Hwy offerings. Mi Pilon on Buford Hwy at Mitchell Rd (about a half mile north of Jimmy Carter) has excellent Dominican cuisine. They were voted one of the top 50 restaurants in metro Atlanta by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Mi Pilon is open 11am-8pm seven days per week. Food is served from a steam table with beef, pork, chicken, goat, two kinds of beans, two kinds of rice, and two kinds of plantains - and occasionally a little more. For under $10 you will have a large plate of food.

          Milton's in the Crabapple community just west of Alpharetta has a very good Sunday brunch. Sia's has an excellent reputation, but I have not yet been there. Kurt's (also in Duluth) is a highly regarded German restaurant. Both Sia's and Kurt's are on my very long "short list" to try soon.

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            Thanks, Milt. You folks are proving all those cliches about Southern hospitality happen to be 100% accurate.

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              Milt- I haven't been in forever, but I definitely remember Swallow being open on Sunday. We've been with a bunch of friends, and it was nice that it wasn't so crowded.

        2. Rexall Grill and Family Restaurant are right next to each other. Rexall is the townies choice far and away for breakfast.

          The best overall restaurant in that area is on the part of Duluth that broke off into Johns Creek: Trattoria 141.