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May 7, 2002 09:47 AM

Best Pizza in LA?

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Where can I find some really good pizza? I have had some bad experiences lately. Any suggestions for LA or the South Bay?

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  1. Here's one of the recent threads on this subject to get you started. There was also a fairly recent discussion of South Bay pizza places. If you go to the main chowhound page and try a search for south bay pizza los angeles you may find it too, (although the search archives are not very up to date). Also if you search for best pizza los angeles, or pizza you will get a lot of hits to look at.

    Do you have any personal recommendations for places?


    1. CASA BIANCA in Eagle rock, AlBANOS on Melrose in Hollywood, MULLBERRY ST. in Encino, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, adn PAGGLIACHI'S in studio city. Im not sure of the exact adresses, call information, but GO TO THESE AMAZING PIZZA PLACES!!!!!!!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Hmmmmm will have to try Clives boastful pizza...
          Here are the more recent threads (which I never really tire of..I mean it's Pizza!)

          1. hello, we had excellent { thin crust from wood burning oven ] pizza at the Angeli Caffe. enjoy