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Pam Anderson's Cookbooks?

I'm not familiar with her, but apparently she's written a bunch of cookbooks and runs cooking classes. She caught my attention because she just came out with a book called The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great.

I'm trying very hard to lose a lot of weight. Of course, there are meals and recipes that taste good and work on a diet and others that I can tweak with satisfactory results, but if she's got a cookbook full of recipes that actually taste wonderful AND are truly a help to someone trying to watch the calories, that would be great.

Can anyone comment on her recipes in general or on this book in particular?

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  1. i can't comment on her book or recipes, but i do know that she is a vegan and a very active member of PETA. so i'm going to assume that the recipes in her cookbook won't involve any animal products.

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      different pam anderson. the one who's a vegan is the one with the...um...kids with tommy lee. the cookbook pam anderson is not a vegan. and, to my knowledge, has never had a child with tommy lee.

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        Er...I think it is a totally different Pam Anderson, the cookbook author.

      2. That's a relief! I was wondering if Pamela Anderson was now flogging cookbooks ;)

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          oops! my bad. i only knew of one pam anderson :-)

        2. Pam Anderson the cookbook author (whose husband is an Episcopalian priest) is a product of Cook's Illustrated. Therefore --- her recipes are always detailed and always accurate. Like all Cook's material, they emphasize the process: how to do it. She's written several books, and they have different approaches which appeal to different people. Two of hers are among my well-used treasures: How to Cook Without a Book (older, no pictures, but enormously useful for everyday family cooking), and something like Perfect Recipes for Having People Over. Besides the fact that the recipes are delicious, some of them are in large quantities (can easily be cut for smaller groups). She gives you suggestions and recipes for go-withs and also clear instructions as to what point they can be prepared in advance, how to hold and reheat and/or finish, and general how-tos. Has certainly enhanced my hospitality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's another household name in my kitchen: "let's check it out in Pam!"

          1. I don't know about this particular book but I would trust Pam Anderson. The few recipes I've tried from her were great, and she's very highly regarded as a cookbook author.

            Another book I'd recommend for watching calories is Lighter, Quicker, Better by Richard Sax and Marie Simmons. You can find it used on Amazon for under $5. It's one of my favorite cookbooks, and although a lot of the ingredient combinations seemed unusual to me when I first looked through the book, every single one has been delicious. I've probably cooked 20+ dishes from there, and many have become standards in our house.

            1. I recently got this cookbook and it is great! She really has fresh ideas of cooking to lose weight sensibly while enjoying great food. Ive cooked from her book all week..and Im trying to lose a few while my husband can stand to gain a few. He loved the food and ate extra portions that he deserves. Great book!

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                What have you liked from the book? What kinds of things does she have? Any special techniques for lightening recipes?

              2. I have her How To Cook Without A Book. I'd say it's excellent for a beginner cook, or even for an experienced cook who finds daily cooking stressful. It's all about how to make things simple by using easy techniques and stocking up intelligently.

                1. I bought this cookbook after seeing Pam on a Good Morning America clip online. The story is inspiring and the recipes are easy to follow. Basically, she tells how she came to take better care of herself, starting to walk, healing from a shoulder injury, listening to what she needed instead of focusing so much on what she thought other people needed from her. She also talks about eating six times a day. The eating plan includes
                  * a snack of something like a banana, tea & milk before an early morning run/walk.
                  * breakfast (granola, yogurt, fruit parfait, or an egg dish, or overnight oatmeal).
                  * a big salad or soup for lunch (these are my favorite recipes so far).
                  * tea time, with a cookie, biscotti, or something like that (recipes included, of course).
                  * snack before dinner, so the cook doesn't nibble all through preparation.
                  * dinner that is good enough to serve to company. Flatbread pizzas and pasta figure prominently here, and dessert recipes include things like creme brulee. (By the way, you can see this recipe at http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Recipes/sto...


                  There is a lot of ritual around food here, but Pam doesn't prescribe her plan for anyone: she is just reporting on what worked for her to lose about 50 pounds. Reading her story, one gets the sense of a relationship with food that is intentional and mindful without being legalistic or joyless. She has given me some ideas for what I might like to institute in my own day to feel nourished and to slow the pace at points and enjoy my food more. I'm pleased with my purchase of the book.