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Mar 23, 2008 10:16 AM

seeking Newton-area restaurant w/ private room for 80!

Hi all, I am getting married on Sunday, June 22nd, and our guests are staying at the Newton Marriott. We are looking for a restaurant in the Newton/Needham/Wellesley area (a quick cab ride from the Marriott) that can host a rehearsal dinner the night before for up to 80 guest: either in a private room or in a sectioned-off space of the restaurant. We are hoping to keep costs down, but we do want a reasonably priced atmostphere with yummy food. We looked at Papa Razzi in Wellesley, but the room was pretty blah. We are also thinking about the back part of Amarin in Wellesley; the only drawback is that they have several wooden partitions in the middle of the space. We would LOVE other thoughts.

Many thanks,

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  1. This is really a tough one. I really do not like Amaring much. China Sky in Wellesley is a very pretty restaurant and they probably would section off part of the restaurant for you. They have a private room but not to seat that many.
    Vela- an Italian place in Wellesley that is somewhat upscale may be able to seat that many and I know that they sometimes close for private parties. It is subterranean but the atmosphere is nice. Blue Ginger- which is probably more expensive than you are thinking, is remodeling and adding private rooms- I think they will be open by then but not sure of the configuration. The Metropolitan Club on Route 9 might fit the bill but again, may be on the expensive side for what you are looking for. Nice space, nice food, really perfect and I think they could accomodate your sized group. Good luck and let us know where you end up.