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Mar 23, 2008 10:05 AM

Keeping life in moderation...

OK-so I know that you are all not 350 pounds, but how do you balance being healthy with enjoying wonderful food. Any tips would be appreciated...I'm trying to lose weight for my wedding, but don't want to starve for six months to do it.

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  1. This topic has been covered a lot but for what it's worth, here's my new plan to drop a few pounds and hopefully reduce my cholesterol.
    Basically, during the week I have a breakfast of two egg whites and a slice of Ezekiel bread, with or without jam, with either real butter or Benecol spread.
    For lunch, I try to stay away from the carbs and have some variation of tuna with garbanzo beans and vinagrette over lettuce, or leftover chicken and spinach with garlic, basically protein and veggies. Afternoon snacks are a small yogurt, a small Trader Joe's individual pack of trail mix (just nuts and raisins), and sometimes an apple or some strawberries.
    For dinner, I'm more liberal, but pizza or pasta should be no more than once a week. But I'll have fish, steak, chicken, etc. with veggies and potatoes or rice, Thai food, etc.
    And I must have a glass of red wine every evening for my cholesterol! I'm not that into sweets so I find it pretty easy to get through the work week without them. Then on the weekends, I try more kinds of food for my blog, and might eat some gelato or fried food for research purposes, or make a special dessert for Sunday dinner.
    Also, I've stepped up my exercise from walking/jogging about 4 or 5 miles a week to more like 15 miles, as well as a strenuous yoga class.
    So basically, go very easy on breakfast and lunch, be prudent, yet tasty, at dinner, schedule a treat or two for the weekend and get some exercise, even if it's just a short walk, six or seven days a week.
    Obviously, it's better to never touch fast food, soda, commercial baked goods or most packaged food, all of which I find very easy.
    Good luck!

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      "might eat some gelato or fried food for research purposes,"

      research? ahem...

      all the comments above and below sound wise. as in, I'd rather use one tblsp of a butter than 5 of an alternative.

      eating slowly will also help avoid hiccups.

      I wouldn't recommend it, but I've had food poisoning a coupla times and nothing teaches how little you really need than a week of an involuntary fast.

      breakfast will jump the metabolism for the day and you'll burn all the more for it.

    2. I'm not good at exercise and I am at the high end of normal on the BMI scale. I also eat less than healthy without apology. First, get over food's okay to toss food, not clean your plate, etc. Secondly, know your weaknesses...mine are cheese, carbs and wine. Sweets are not big deal for me. My strategy is to not clean my plate, don't eat food I don't love, and skip bread unless it's really GREAT bread. I'll eat less of full fat foods rather than more low fat versions of items (such as cheese). Also, if I know a big plate of carbonara is in store for dinner, I eat less at breakfast and lunch. My typical breakfast is either Kashi cereal, half of a bagel with cream cheese, a slice of wheat toast with peanut butter or an English muffin with butter and sometimes jam. Lunch varies (and I love fast food) but I'll get my main (burger, chicken sandwich, etc.) but no chips or fries and often will leave the cheese off if I have over indulged recently or have plans to. I'm a fast eater and when I am done and others aren't I literally sit on my hands. Also for alcohol, stick with wine and beer or things like gin or vodka tonics in lieu of margaritas, cosmos or froo-froo 'martinis' or other fruity, sweet drinks.

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      1. re: Janet from Richmond

        I second the skip bread unless it's really great bread idea, except for my Ezekiel bread at breakfast.

      2. I exercise 4-5 times a week and try to avoid fast food and overly processed food. We've recently (last 6 months) started cooking at home more often and as such I try to make dishes with less fat, sodium etc. and my wife and I both seem to have lost weight from that in conjuction with less restaurant food. I seem to notice myself gaining a few pounds after having gone out to eat excessively for a week or two as I'm less likely to "behave" at a restaurant than I am at home.

        1. Don't skip breakfast. Try a yogurt and banana. I also once heard that meat and cheese sandwhiches are the easiest way to gain weight. I avoid bread unless it's real french bread. Skip appetizers and go for a full entree. Especially if it's lunch time. That's the best time to eat a full meal. Eat slow and don't be afraid to have small portions as you can always have more. I also avoid dairy when I can. Part of my love of food has to do with anticipation and not always giving into my impulses. It keeps the food special for me.

          1. "how do you balance being healthy with enjoying wonderful food."

            1.Stop worrying about what you eat.
            2.Eat breakfast
            3.Eat a good (hearty) sized lunch
            4.Eat a smallish dinner (if you eat bfast and lunch, you will not want a big dinner)
            5.Eat fruits that are in-season. When you eat the fruits that are ripe, you will want to eat more fruit. Right now, I can't eat enough citrus, yali pears, and fuji apples. I can eat them all day long. In a few months, you couldn't pay me to eat an apple or an orange. They will be out of season, and horrible.

            6.Forget about counting calories. GET TO THE GYM! It's oh so much easier to sweat for a few hours than to not eat good food all day. Once you start really working at the gym, everything else falls into place. Counting calories is for suckers. Exercise is the easiest way to lose weight, and feel better about yourself. Once you start, it's hard to stop. The benefits are far too amazing to be one of the people who "always plans on going to the gym, but gets sidetracked." you MUST devote time for exercise just like you devote time to going to work from 9-5p.

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            1. re: gordeaux

              I agree with going to the gym and doing cardio and weights about 4X a week, but I do not believe in being a gym rat. Spending an hour total there is great. Also, for a large breakfast and medium lunch and dinner with snacks is the right way to go. Breakfast I have eggs with soy cheese on bran crackers with fruit or a yogurt mixed with cereal and fruit. Lunch is a salad or a wrap with protein and veggies and dinner is either salmon with brown rice and veggies or sushi. If I go out to dinner, I try to stick with grilled foods and sorbet for dessert. I love red wine, so I can never cut that out. Just moderation ........

              1. re: gordeaux

                Get exercise - not necessarily the gym.

                It is still snowy here and I am aching to get on my bicycle and ride and ride for hours...

                Lots of vegetables, even if you aren't a vegetarian.