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Mar 23, 2008 10:04 AM

Trader Joes Chili-Lime Shrimp

Hello, can anyone help me with my issue?!?! I love LOVE TJ's chili-lime shrimp "cooks in the bag" - it's great for a quick weekday meal, however, it is a tad to spicy hot for my palate. Is there anyway to cut down the heat when cooked? I was thinking of cooking the meal and then tossing with egg noodles and soy sauce, but alas ... I'm not a cook and need some assistance. Thank you.

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  1. It's a tad more work, but you might consider thoroughly thawing the contents of the bag, and straining off the sauce. Then quickly rinsing the shrimp in cold water and stir frying the whole mess in a wok/large fry pan with some vegetable/peanut oil adding only a portion of the strained sauce. If there seems to be insufficient liquid, you could always supplement it with some additional lime juice or stock or wine or soy sauce depending upon what flavors seem to blend with the original sauce. Serving over noodles also seems like a good idea!

    1. A little soy sauce would do it, but change the flavor dramatically. I'll make two suggestions: a bit of seasoned rice vinegar (tart and sweet) or a bit of coconut milk. Just experiment a bit in a small skillet. Good luck.

      1. You can add lemon juice to cut heat normally, but I'm not sure with the lime how that would work. I might try adding a little chopped potato to the mix to soak up some heat. Otherwise, you might add a little fish stock and soy to the mix as well, or look at the other ingredients, and see if you can't just dilute the stock w/ more "sauce" sans heat.

        1. This sounded so good, that I went in search of it at my local TJ's. Went to two stores, and neither knew what I was talking about. Are you sure they were from TJ's...and if so, how long ago did you buy them?

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            I don't think they are frozen - I've seen them with the meats and fresh fish... at least I presume those are the ones you are talking about. FYI: The chili-lime turkey burgers are frozen, not spicy and pretty darn tasty for a quick bite, too.

          2. i have checked with a third TJ's store re the chili lime shrimp which "cook in the bag", and again they don't know what I am talking about. Could you please reaffirm that you indeed got these at TJ's, and where and when?

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              I have purchased the chili-lime shrimp several times in the past from a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles. It seems to be discontinued there; the last time I saw it was several months ago. They do carry the dill(?) salmon-in-a-bag though, which I have not tried.