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Crossroads Market, Calgary

I haven't really heard much about this place, how does it compare with the market at Currie Barracks - is there anything there worth making a special visit for?

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  1. It's definitely worth a visit- Chongo's for produce, great deals on cheese and sausages among other butchery, and at least one completely unique place in the food court which sells Turkish bureks. Now having said that, Crossroads is also a poorly laid out, depressing environment with a godawful flea market attached- and running the gauntlet of places selling moldy (literally) paperbacks, trashy Harley-Davidson themed trailer-trash accouterments and related junk just makes you want to take a shower afterwards. Amazing that in the midst of this is also Artspace upstairs, with artists' galleries and the theatre space that's now the home of Loose Moose (the improv group that invented Theatre Sports and that spawned two of the five members of Kids in the Hall).

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      Hmm...I like the flea market. It is definitly a little cheesey, but it has it's charm. I personally like this famer's market much better. Currie Barracks just seems to be a little bit too pretentious to really be a farmer's market.

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        Charm? I'm sorry, but have to ask you to clarify that. What about the flea market is "charming"? It's not like it has antiques and handmade artisanal what have you- it's all garbage. I don't see even a tiny bit of charm there. It's dark, dirty, depressing and smelly.

        If you find CFM pretentious then can we assume you hate Granville Island? I don't find CFM "pretentious" at all BTW.

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          I have to agree with whackamole, John, CFM is getting a bit pretentious(the crowd anyway), I've noticed a change over the last while, it's starting to feel like kitsilano in vancouver. when i lived in vancouver I didn't go to granville island much either, it was also a go in with a plan and get out as quickly as possible sort of thing, way too much hastle.

          I don't linger at CFM anymore, I get there as early as possible with a list, deal with the coffee line first get that over with and move quickly from there. I am happy to see the Gull Lake people back though - love the broadbeans, tomatoes and the most beautiful eggplants!

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            Sorry, I just always thought a flea market was a place where people did sell their junk. One person's junk is another's treasure.
            I always thought that if one wanted to find just antiques they'd head over to Inglewood.

      2. Regina's Meats: AMAZING. Her products are all natural. THe European weiners are a must, her ham is feast-worthy, beef jerky sticks are addictive... everything is worth a special trip. I only venture there for her goods. If you call ahead, she will also put stuff aside for you because she sells out often before saturday.

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          Regina also lets me practice German with her :)

        2. I am a very frequent visitor to the Currie Barracks market, which has it all over on the Crossroads market. (IMHO). Crossroads feels very claustrophobic, the vendors are not as good overall, and there is an odor.

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            An odor! My god Jim!

            Hopefully you guys never visit any open air markets when you travel! :)

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              The odor is not that of a farmers' market. More of mouldy Harlequin romance "novels."

          2. the hungarian deli there is really good ,love the head cheese and dry hot sausage ,good good good ,im eating some right now

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              hey john,what part has reginas .sounds good but i cant remember where that place is at crossroads

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                It's kinda.... the middle- I couldn't really begin to describe its location; it's mostly a sausage place if that helps.

                I have to say that I don't want my negative comments about the flea market to make it sound like I don't love Crossroads- it's a treasure and if CFM weren't more convenient for me I'd be at Crossroads every week.

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                  that helped,i like the market ,flea market is hit and miss .this crossroads market was alot better when it wae on 16th ave ne.ie the original crossroads market.well laid out ,and more vendors.lots more and no mold smell ha ha,

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                    We go all the way from Red Deer to buy our cheese as there is the best selection and pricing. The only flaw is we do have to buy larger quatities.
                    Their 9 year old Cheddar is to die for.
                    Dean in Red Deer

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                      Yup, this is one of the (very) few things right about Crossroads Market: The cheese selection is much better than at CFM. The cheese purveyor at CFM has some great product (his own), but is sadly lacking in selection and variety. CFM needs some competition on the cheese front..

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                    But then you would miss out on all that good stuff you love at the CFM, John. And that just wouldn't be right.

              2. Sorry, but Crossroads needs to be razed, redeveloped and revitalized. It's a mess. They want you to pay for parking, the attached fleas market is disgusting, most of the vendors are obviously struggling and customer service is not their first enthusiastic thought. There are some exceptions, and I wish those exceptions would get their names on the waiting list at Calgary Farmers' Market, which is marvellous compared to Crossroads. And many throusands more people go through CFM each week. Must be a reason for that.

                1. While I like both markets, I have to say there's not much at either market I'd make a special visit for. If you are a cheese lover, the cheese shop in Crossroads I would say is an exception, excellent selection and none of the extreme prices like Janice Beaton's. Currie does have more selection of organics. I find that Currie market is just too darn expensive for some of the offerings and you get the feeling that some vendors are lacking in passion, in general I find the place a little on the sterile side, very nice, clean and proper but lacking in soul. Crossroads has some of the same passionless problem, things are not on the expensive side (parking fees outstanding grumble....) and yes it is a bit on the grubby side (however I find it more cleaner than the old location). We need a market that is halfway between the two like so many other successful markets in other countries. I think it will come down to personal preference, I've been to markets around the world where they were selling illegal animals for food to others selling truffles and caviar, neither of these places in Calgary are that :)

                  If you want a good fruit/veg market, there's a place called DJ's Market, next to the Burger Bus (which incidentially have awesome burgers). They are only open in the summer months, have high turnover rates and the vendors are really upfront about what is good and not so good. I tried for a few years trying to get good peaches from other markets and have always had the most luck from DJ's. Because of their high turnover, I found that almost every week there was something new to discover.

                  1. In the summer, there are a few independent farmers that set up shop at Crossroads, like Hutterites selling beets and butter lettuce or growers with saskatoons. I love going to Crossroads in the summer to pick crates of fruit for jam—it is easier than CFM to get the large volumes I need at the prices I want. The vendors at Crossroads are also more open to haggling than those at CFM.

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                      Hutterites sell at CFM in the summer too. :)

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                          Sorry I couldn't tell you. Anytime I've bought from a colony I usually end up buying more than I intended. Those guys know how to sell hehe.

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                            i thought they were a bit pricey, at least for peas anyway.

                      1. We just visited crossroads for the first time in about 6 months, and things have really changed there - for the better. while we've always LOVED crossroads, they now have many more vendors, selling a wider and better range of products. I would estimate that the number of vendors has grown by 30 or 40%.

                        we also stopped by the CFM to grab some of Klaus' sausages. i've never been a big fan of the CFM, and our visit today reminded me why. blech.


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                          New vendors at Crossroads? I need details dangit! ;)

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                            There is also a Hungarian food booth inside the market. apparently, it has always been there, but I didn't actually notice it until yesterday. the gentleman working the booth was giving out free samples, which he said he has just recently started doing. we tried some beef stew with galuskas, some cucumber salad, and some red cabbage salad. all were excellent, especially the stew (paprika rules). we just got back from budapest a few days ago, and the food at this booth is definitely the real deal. they offer several full meal deals there, all of which I beleive were under $9.50.

                          2. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but they are doing some upgrades and the place is looking a lot cleaner (I think so) :) Visit for: Chongo's damned good Arugula! hehe

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                              yes, we were quite impressed during our last visit. i'm not sure what is behind the changes - perhaps something changed in management, or maybe they are gearing up for the CFM move to blackfoot, which will surely increase competition in the area. at any rate, the improvements are welcome! i'm really looking forward to when the outdoor area opens. i hope to see similar expansion and improvement there, also.

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                                Did you know that the B.C.farmers at Crossroads Market drop off there product to the "farmers" at the CFM and then they resell it at a premium price. I find CRM has more bang for your buck and a lot my characters!

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                                  I'm going to go to Crossroads a lot more often when the CFM moves (unfortunately) to the deep south, except when I need to go to Ikea.

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                                    Where exactly is it moving to?

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                                      It's not really the deep south. It's moving near Ikea, close to Heritage and Blackfoot.

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                                        Yeah, I'd hardly call it the deep south.