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Mar 23, 2008 08:57 AM

Buffet with the best seafood in Vegas?

Hello all. We are going to be in Las Vegas this upcoming week and would like to go to a buffet tuesday night. Which buffet in Vegas has the best seafood selection, or which buffet is best overall? Thanks for any suggestions :)

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    1. re: Skunk2Racer

      What are the options. I'd like something higher end.

      1. re: pastry634

        Higher end I would suggest the Bellagio or wynn. I agree with Eric The Rio has gone south. I Avoid it like the Plague. Another smaller but nice buffet is the bayside buffet at The mandalay bay.

    2. Great question..I am going there on Thursday with my 2 year old and I am 8.5 mo pregnant so that excludes my "fine dining" restaurant fantasies. I will save that when I can have a nice bottle of wine and take my sweet time enjoying dinner. I too am looking for a really nice buffet for Saturday night, figuring it would be a stress free option with a toddler. I really want to go to the Bellagio and any of them have a good option.

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      1. re: Ela0427

        The Venetian does not have a buffet. The Rio just remolded their seafood buffet. But, before the remodel, many people said it had gone south in quality.

        1. re: Ela0427

          I'm pretty fond of buffets and feel that the Bellagio has the best one overall, though Wynn is pretty respectable. Was disappointed with the Rio seafood buffet many years ago, and some relatives who went a couple months ago and also tried the Rio seafood buffet complained that it was all quantity, but not quality.

          However popular buffets like the Bellagio and Wynn are not necessarily stress-free. The Bellagio often has a HUGE line at dinner on weekends and you may wait quite a while before your table, which may not be fun with a toddler. I recommend eating early or late to avoid the crowd.

          1. re: PekoePeony

            I am a HUGE seafood fan and completely disagree about the quality of the Bellagio. Aside from the first piece of salmon I had, everything was horribly overcooked. We went at 4PM when everything should have been at its freshest. If you are really a seafood lover, skip the buffet and go to a nice seafood restaurant where the food is cooked to order. At $30/pp, I would not recommend the Bellagio and after our experience there, I was afreid to try the Wynn.

          2. re: Ela0427

            Thursday you should be fine. Try getting there early around 5ish.