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Mar 23, 2008 08:41 AM

ISO Chinese Bakery Strawberry Shortcake in SD

My girlfriend's mother loves strawberry shortcake but longs for a version found in Chinese bakeries. I've never had such a cake so I can't speak of its tastiness. But I'm going to be seeing her this week and I want to make a good impression by surprising her with a good one. Any thoughts on where to buy one in San Diego?

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  1. They usually have something along these lines at Sage French Cake. It's more of a Strawberry Bagatelle cake, but it might do the trick.

    1. I literally had a bite of Sage French Cake's 5 minutes ago. The tag at the bakery reads "Strawberry Shortcake", but like Alice Q said, it's more of a Strawberry Bagatelle. Lots of fresh whipped cream and strawberries. SFC's was fabulous.

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        We went to SFC a couple of months ago. I got tiramisu, my husband got a rapsberry mousse cake. Both were exceptional. I couldn't imagine anything from there being less than perfect. And after you're finished, you can do some shopping at Nijiya.

      2. I have a picture of the cake... maybe you could show it to your mom and ask her if she's thinking of something like this.