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Mar 23, 2008 08:28 AM

Best Delivery in Astoria

I just moved to Astoria and I am amazed at how many restaurants deliver! I am collecting menus and would love suggestions on you favorite restaurant that delivers. I am looking for a variety of cuisines.I am near the 30th ave. subway stop. So far I haven't been blown away- Mr. Gyros, Grand Avenue Pizza, Happy Garden, Mughall Dinner.

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  1. Thai: Thai Pavilion (718) 777-5546
    Pizza: Rizzo's (718) 721-9862
    Mexican: Tacos Mexico (718) 545-5888
    Chinese: Golden House (718) 545-0101

    At the first two, you can pretty much order anything and be satisfied, in my opinion. For the latter two it's more hit-and-miss: at Tacos Mexico I recommend the huaraches, enchiladas and rice & beans, and, to a lesser extent, the tacos and burritos. At Golden House (disclaimer: Astoria is notorious for bad Chinese; Golden House isn't fantastic but rather a serviceable delivery option) the fried rice, kung pao chicken and chow ho fun are all pretty reliable.

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