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Mar 23, 2008 07:41 AM

Help! Park slope fish/seafood caterers for a small DIY wedding

I am planning my wedding now, and am desperately trying to find a caterer that has GREAT - GOOD seafood/fish for my smallish (30 people) wedding.

My heart was set on Brooklyn Fish Camp (love the food tho it's not the best fish i've had, simple menu), but they either need to shut the restaurant down for a saturday night off-site event OR we have to have the wedding party there. I am not totally against having it at their restaurant...but

I also stopped by Blue Ribbon and they *just* stopped catering (like a week ago).

So, I am at a loss! I have been searching online like crazy and finally decided to post here...

Any help/advice/horror-success stories welcomed!

thanks so much,

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  1. You could try Fairway, they do catering! Fresh Direct might work as well. Platters can always be dressed up... And anything can be made to look wedding like and fancy. I think Downtown Atlantic does offsite catering as well. Maybe Garden of Eden in Brooklyn Heights? Where are you getting married? If I come up wth anymore ideas I will post them.

    Good luck!

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      that is a great idea! thank you!

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        i was going to get married in my garden, but after doing measurements we found out it will only really seat 15-20 max. so, i am looking around at local restaurants now. a few i was thinking about are:

        Robin des Bois (Sherwood Café on smith street)
        Applewood (won't do a saturday event)
        12th Street Bar & Grill
        Al di La
        Brooklyn Fish Camp

        They are more than we budgeted for, but it does make it easier...

        If you have anymore ideas for restaurants, I am all ears!


        1. does crave have a large garden somewhere theyre hiding? because i went there once and they only seat about 15 people in the restaurant itself. it's miniature. food is delicious though.

          1. Monica the chef/owner of TINI in Red Hook, has a catering buisness as well. I have been to a number of her events and have seen her turn out some great fish & she has an as-yet-un-opened 2nd location.
            Also Frankies'; good sized back yard, great prices, & that extra building in the yard... for a rainy day saving grace.

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              Not really Park Slope but you could try Tavern on Dean in Prospect Heights?