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Mar 23, 2008 07:28 AM

New French/Vietnamese Budget Gem

Jasmine Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant
neighborhood: Mt. Baker
2822 Martin Luther King Jr Way S
(at Mc Clellan St)
Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 722-3225

What a find! I'm a culinary journalist from California, and recently I was visiting Seattle on business. Driving in from the airport, I took a wrong turn and passed by this little strip mall on MLK and saw the jazzy Jasmine sign. Since I was famished I stopped in for a "bite". Why this place isn't packing them in must be because they are still new. Never had I had such fresh, delicious, exquisitely prepared Vietnamese food that would have been a steal at twice the price.
Standouts were:

*Grilled pork/shrimp salad rolls

*Chicken Wings with Bean Curd don't read all that great, but they arrived perfectly fried without a hint of grease and slathered in an excellent sticky sweet-n-sour sauce. So delish that I ordered an extra bowl of rice to sop up the remaining sauce bits.

* BonBon Salad- A gorgeous presentation and the first time I've tasted fresh BonBon, a unique vegetable imported from Vietnam.

The Huge bowl of Dill/tamarind fish soup was light and delicately seasoned , and while I enjoyed the reading the selections of exotic healing teas, healthy smoothies, mocktails, I'm happy they also serve wine,beer and sake. I'm definitely making it my Go-To stop on the way back to the airport...although to wade through the very extensive menu, I might have to schedule a few more trips out!

p.s. The table next to me was picking pieces off of a "centerpiece" of whole braised fish, that looked really tempting.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I drive by Jasmine frequently on my way further south on MLK for my Vietnamese food fixes (usually between Vietwah and King Plaza), but never thought of stopping because I didn't many cars parked there. Now I'll give it a try.

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      Well, I went. Very nice hostess/waitress, but the food was disappointing. There's better and cheaper Vietnamese in Seattle-- I still like Lemongrass at 12th and Jackson. But what really turned me off about Jasmine was the loud, schmaltzy musak-- even worse than the usual Vietnamese-restaurant Karen-Carpenter-hits.

    2. I tried this recently, it was quite good. I would say that it was definetly a step down from Tamarind Tree. The quality was not as god as Green Leaf, but the menu was far more exciting--more along the lines of TT.

      Everything we had was very tasty and I would rather be there, where it is a bit more low key--decorated like a revamped kareoke/jazz bar--and not as crowded as TT. A dissapointing wine/cocktail selection, but it has been a month or two since I was there, so perhaps they have stepped it up.

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