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Mar 23, 2008 06:45 AM

Flying into Cleveland, One Night Only!

Flying into cleveland. Any good suggestions for a place around the cleveland clinic. Good food (no preference on type) and a drink or two with dinner.

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  1. Right near the clinic it is mostly fast food joints (yeah we get the irony too). Little Italy is under two miles away and there are several fun options there - Dolce Vita, Maxi's, Presti's for artichoke pizza and cannoli. Table 45 is at the InterContinental and is supposed to be good.

    1. Table 45 is *right* by the clinic.

      1. Cleveland Heights is about a 5 min drive from the Clinic. At the top of Cedar Hill is Nighttown. Decent food and good music. A little farther up, on Lee Road, one of my favorite options is Marotta's for Italian and awesome pizza. At Coventry and Mayfield, you will find excellent sushi (Pacific East), Thai (Mint Cafe) and several other eclectic choices. I'd do any of these before Little Italy. On the Case Western Reserve campus, directly across from the law school, is Sergio's. Good Brazilian (?) fare. Also in moderate distance from the Clinic is Shaker Square. Best bet there is Fire Food and Drink. Excellent food. have fun! I miss the Cleve.

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          excellent suggestions. i'd add that if he wants some hearty food that is likely to be unusual and hard to find outside of "the clev" he might want to try BALATON at shaker square, it's a hungarian restaurant. it's not as good as my families home cooking, ha! but its pretty good esp if the weather is cold:

        2. One night in Cleveland MUST go to Lola. There are many great restaurants but Lola is truly fantastic.

          you won't be sorry!

          1. I will second Lola Bistro downtown -- Iron Chef Michael Symon.

            Also Little Italy: Gusto!, Il Bacio, of Valerio's are my recommendations