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Mar 23, 2008 06:28 AM

Girls weekend in Newport...recs?

I'm planning a girls weekend in Newport for June for about 8 women in our late 20s/30s. I need recommendations on where to have a special dinner out on a Saturday night. A private room would be great - -but so would a nice round table anywhere. Ideal spot would be fun and funky, not-TOO-expensive, but definitely a step up from pub food. Any thoughts? What about a brunch on Sunday? Thanks.

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  1. You might try Cafe Zelda on Thames Street. It's French/American, with a bistro environment that's part bar, part restaurant. It's casual but still a "nice place" for dinner and not as expensive as some other places. A lot of locals go there, but for some reason tourists seem to bypass it. I always say, Follow the locals. For brunch, the Castle Hill Inn has good food and a spectacular location. It might be expensive, but it would be worth it.

    1. Salvation Cafe fits the "fun and funky" bill. They are small, but have back patio as well. Nice wine list, good, eclectic food, not too expensive. The Pad Thai is pretty darn good for a not-exclusively-Thai place. I'm a mid-thirties gal, and we do lots of ladies-night-out kind of things, and I think it would definitely fit the bill.

      1. my sister rents a summer house every year and a a bunch of us [30s] head down several times throughout the season. we really have a great time at the west deck. the food is good [eat inside] and then head outside under the tent for drinks and peopel meeting. it's a lot of fun.

        1. i also am a big fan of the Salvation Cafe. The Bay Voyage Inn has a great brunch as well. They are located over the Newport Bridge in Portsmouth (10 min drive).

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            Bay Voyage is an old standby, but it is in Jamestown not Portsmouth. West Deck would be a good choice but be sure to go inside. Outside is just a bar menu.

          2. I hear Asterisk is pretty hip, upscale Bistro style restaurant right on Thames street: