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Mar 23, 2008 05:41 AM

Oysters Toronto 2008

What is the best place for oysters in Toronto right now?

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  1. I'm a Rodney's loyalist. IMO, best selection, freshest, and I like the feeling of the place. It's got a long history with roots and Rodney is passionate about oysters and oyster farmers.

    1. I've never been to Rodney's but I've been quite happy at both Starfish and Big Daddy's. Starfish is a more expensive.


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      1. Some things don't change all that quickly. As it was then, it's a matter of what vibe you seek.

        BTW when did we all start admitting that we eat at Big Daddy's Crab Shack? Yes, it's a chain. Yes, it's owned by Lone Star. Sheesh. It does, however, have a very relaxed feel to it with none of that stick up your back rigidity of a chain.

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          Thanks for the comments and the link... didn't see that one in my previous search through Chowhound. I've been to Rodney's many times, Oyster Boy once or twice... sounds like Starfish is worth a try despite occasional complaints about the service.

          I wonder whether Patrick ever works Mondays.

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            Really happy with Oyster Boy. The other night I stopped in to grab some unshucked shellfish to take home, and was more than satisfied. 10 delicious, fresh oysters for a total of $10.60, which included kumomatos, little neck clams, large colville bays, st. simons, and ... another i can't remember.


          1. I just got back from a fine dinner at Starfish. The oysters were amongst the best - tastiest - I can recall. The place was full but we could still have conversation at normal voice levels. Service was attentive and friendly and informed. No complaints at all. My group of 3 had a very good time.