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Mar 23, 2008 05:22 AM

Freeze a Smoked Ham?

I bought a nice spiral-sliced smoked ham for Easter on Friday. Haven't opened it yet.

But now turns out plans have changed and I'm going to be serving fresh fish instead.

Will that ham be okay if I freeze it and then use it a few weeks from now?

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  1. My employer gives us one of these every Thanksgiving and we usually freeze it for Christmas with no problems.

    1. Go ahead and stick that baby in the freezer...ham freezes very well.

      1. It freezes well. If you do not plan on eating it all at once or as a big meal I would suggest freezing it in smaller portions and then freezing the bone by itself for soup, beans or something. It makes it easier to eat later, more useful (sandwiches, smaller meals etc.) and you can fit it into the freezer easier. Pack it well so it does not become frosty.

        1. It's not clear that you need to freeze it at all. If is has any depth of smoke and/or salt, it should keep quite well in the fridge for a few weeks. As someone once said, if you have to chill (let alone freeze) a ham, it's lost the whole point of being a ham. That said, much sold as ham these days isn't cured enough to preserve it for long, so it depends. The package may have some guidelines, but of course that would be written by lawyers and as such super conservative. In any event, it will certainly freeze well, but as someone pointed out you'd be well advised to separate it in to smaller portions before freezing, just to make it more convenient to thaw smaller amounts as you need them.

          1. We bought a Neuske smoked spiral sliced ham for Easter. The directions say that it will keep for three weeks in ther refrigerator before opening and three months in the freezer.