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Mar 23, 2008 05:04 AM

Never Blue is Never Blue

Just ate at Never Blue in Hendersonville, NC and loved it! Bright and cheery inside, excellent wait staff and scrumptious food.

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  1. Which meal did you eat there (lunch/dinner/brunch)? I've had the brunch and some coffe and pastries, but not lunch or dinner yet. We've liked everything so far! Was wondering how dinner was if you had tried it.

    1. Hey, I "liked" that place too. It was good to see a nice bright restaurant with good food for lunch. Unfortunatly when they get busy, everything goes down hill, food and service. And the reason i am writiing is i just had a weird experiance there. One of the waitresses gave a bad attitude the whole time, and i guess it stemed from when we for a new Coke because it was flat. Then when she asked what we wanted we said Coke and she stated that it would be the same. We asked if she could change the CO2 tank, and i guess that is what upset her. From there it was a horible experiance. I never saw a waitress be so rude to the extent of walking away from us when we asked her a question about the check. So when i confrented her near the bar and asked her if there was a problem, she said my freind was b***hy. The owner was there, heard everything and watched her walk away with her hand up. The disapointing part was that i did not even get an "i'm sorry" from the owner. She basicly said "thats lisa" and "we love her and she is a little testy" witch is fine, but still no apoligy. Weird. I hope that this gets better with them, because it is basic customer service. Thanks for reading my novel.


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        1. We went to Never Blue for dinner last Friday night and it was great! We had been for lunch a few times (although not in several months), but hadn't tried dinner yet. The food had always been good, but the service was sometimes hit or miss. Am happy to report that service Friday night was excellent. Don't know if it was good luck of who we had or if service overall has tightened up. It was busy all night (inside, garage area, and outside) and service seemed to keep up. Watched some REALLY interesting drinks being made at the bar too - must try next time!

          I had the 8oz filet with a gorgonzola and chianti sauce ($26) and my husband had the "colossal" 5 cheese ravioli ($16). There were only 2 ravioli, so he hoped they were truly colossal, which they were (each about 5" in diameter). Both came with a choice of greek salad, cesaer salad or soup. Both entrees were excellent. For dessert, I got a REALLY good apple dumpling which was a cored and peeled apple wrapped in pastry served warm with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce (are you drooling yet?). It was huge. My husband got a rum cheesecake which was also REALLY good.

          Was also happy to see the prices more wallet friendly than I had recalled. We'll be back.

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            I went for drinks Friday night and had the Prickly Bitch: prickly pear sorbet with DeVito's organic Limoncello (and maybe something else?). It was YUM! My DH & I were some of the last customers and everyone working there seemed very nice. They were all talking about a pomegranite wine they ordered a small quantity of and ran out of that night. I'm pretty sure they'll be ordering more of that! So as far as I know, great drinks, nice people.