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Mar 23, 2008 05:01 AM

Five Hour Roasted Duck and Sour Cherry Compote

Thank you so much to everyone yesterday - as well as previous posters on the subject of the Five Hour Roasted Duck - this was delicious.

The five hours ended up being four - my husband was just too hungry, and the online recipe said that one could do this in four hours, resulting in a juicier but perhaps less tender duck. My sense is that this recipe in a way "confits" the duck - the texture was quite different from that of a typical roast duck, but wonderful, with an incredibly crispy skin. My husband first tried to slice the breast the usual way, and the meat just fell apart. I then remembered the comment in the recipe about cutting it differently, and it was much easier to cut away squares of the meat, which fell right off the bone.

For the sour cherry compote, I ended up using an almagem of ingredients etc. recommended by posters, as well as recipes I found online. I had a jar of Hungarian sour cherries. I browned 2 T of butter with a little grapeseed oil, then added a minced shallot. When they were softened, I added the cherries, some peppercorns and juniperberries, a sprig of rosemary, a bay leaf, about a glass of red wine, 2 T sherry vinegar, and a strip of orange zest. Then decided to add about a T of brown sugar. I boiled/simmered, tasted, and over the next hour or so experimented more - ended up adding some chicken stock, a little freshly squeezed orange juice, more sherry vinegar, as well as three more strips of zest. In the end, it was a great foil to the duck - I hope I can reproduce it again.

Served this with some egg noodles tossed in some leftover homemade black truffle butter and grated parmesan, and haricots verts.

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  1. Here's the recipe I used for the duck:

    Next time I want to try the version with the hoisin sauce, and to cook it for 5 hours.

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      Sounds lovely! Thank you for sharing, and, I like how the last photo shows that your pup really is a chowhound!


    2. That looks gorgeous--and sounds even better. I'd made note of the recipe when it was first discussed and then completely forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.

      1. so glad it worked out for you. Good improvising on the sauce. And great photos! What a beautiful bird.
        I'm going to make two for Passover, along w/ brisket, since even those who said they weren't much interested in duck ate it w/ delight last year. And leftovers are great reheated, or I suppose on greens.
        BTW, the recipe is in "The 150 Best American Recipes" which came out a year or so ago, edited by Molly Stevens. I have alot of pages tabbed in that book!

          1. Link to the duck soup recipe (using the carcass) that prompted me to make this roast duck in the first place, in case anyone makes the roast duck in the future and wants to use the carcass: