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Mar 23, 2008 02:48 AM

need help for picturesque New Orleans food

wasn't exactly sure how to go about this, but here is goes. I just got a fantastic assignment to go down to New Orleans and bring back gorgeous pictures of the food. What a dream come true! This is kind of a last minute thing (aren't they all) and so as a former (3 months phisically, but In my heart I've been there much longer) New Orleans resident, I need to be able to go down there and capture the good stuff about New Orleans food for the world to see. I want to avoid the usual suspects. In fact, I don't necessarily want to shoot in rastaurants. I want this to be about the food, not the place.'s what I'm asking. I need a good list of items that may be a little cliche, but that definitely say New Orleans--more creole than cajun. And--here's where I REALLY need help--do any of you happen to be food stylists? You know, someone who does food not just for eating, but that is really pretty and made more for the camera? And if not do you know anybody? I know with all the restaurants down there, somebody's gotta be stylin' those pictures. The pay is good for a professional. So--please offer up some good dish ideas, and if you know someone that works doing food styling for movies, TV, whatever--I will hire them. I want to show New Orlenas post Katrina cuisine to the world! Please help!

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  1. would love to share any info - also looking for a great food stylist in NOLA! thanks!

    1. Wish that I could help, as the purpose sounds noble. Unfortunately, it's been so very long, since I shot (commercially) in NOLA, that I cannot even come up with a name. Besides, they'd likely be home with the grandkids now.

      You might want to contact the NOLA chapter of ASMP ( and see if they have a resource list. Most area chapters do. If not, look down the list of photographers, who list "food" as a specialty, and give them a call, or e-mail. I had a few stylists in Denver (after NOLA), and never hesitated to share their names with other photogarphers. Last time I looked, there were still a few names in the chapter, that I remembered. We donated dues for many members, post-K. I think that May Lizama was an officer in the chapter. Do not know if she does food, but I worked with her in a previous life, and she should be able to point you, provided that she survived (business-wise) post-K. She should be able to give you a few names of food-shooters, and hence stylists.

      Good luck with your project. I hope that it concentrates some more interest in the foods of NOLA. Let me know how the project goes (see my e-mail, listed in my profile). Wish I could help you more.


      1. get a picture of a huge mound of boiled crawfish, take some pictures of cafe' du monde beignets, take a picture side shot of a muffeletta, take some nice raw oyster shots. that should be a good start.

        1. I'd argue for pictures of shrimp remoulade, both red and "white", grillades, turtle soup, perhaps the eternal cream cheese and pickapeppa, hog head cheese, RB&R of course, wop salad..the lsit goes on. A mound of crawfish, as suggested, is probably de rigeur although strictly speaking it is not New Orleans.

          1. The original comment has been removed