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Mar 23, 2008 12:08 AM

Paris - staying in the 7th (first time visitors)

Any recommendations for first time visitors celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary? My in-laws will be in Paris for a week in April. We were there last July with our 10 year old so a few of our restaurant choices were perhaps more suited to family meals. Having said that we enjoyed each of our meals at the following restaurants in the 7th:

Chez Pierrot - rue Amelie (charming service and an excellent first evening)
Le P'tit Troquet - Rue de l'Exposition - also excellent
La Varangue (Phillippe's restaurant) - rue Augereau (informal, catered to a 10 year old's palate and worked for us as well)
La Fontaine de Mars - Rue Saint Dominique (our last night in Paris for a memorable meal)

I was specifically wondering about Pasco (as it is the closest restaurant to their hotel) and the other was Les Clos des Gourmets (which we did not get to last year). It would also be helpful for them to know if a recommendation is either "reasonably priced" or more of a "special evening out" selection - I am sure that they will be looking for both.

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  1. For reasonably priced... neighborhood-type place, I like Le Maupertu near the Tour Maubourg Metro stop. The food is delicious, good service. I think they have a website.

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      I like both Pasco and Le Clos des Gourmets. The latter being slightly more expensive. I recommend Pasco especially for dinner, since you have a wonderful view over the Dôme des Invalides.

      Pasco is Mediterranean style while Le Clos des Gourmets is traditional fine French cuisine. For a special night out, I'd probably go to the latter. But be sure to book at table, since the place is small, slightly larger than Le P'tit Troquet.

      Other than that, you may want to try L'Auberge Bressane and, of course, all the Constant's places located on Rue Saint-Dominique. And also Le Florimond.
      In fact, while the 7th arr. is kind of quiet, it certainly doesn't lack wonderful small bistrots.

      For a simple lunch or dinner, like an omelette or some warm goat cheese, I highly recommend Le Sancerre, on Avenue Rapp.

      PS: The websites for Le Maupertu and L'Auberge Bressane:

    2. Not to forget the best value in town for top food: Chez l'Ami Jean, rue Malar

      1. Thanks for the 3 replies so far - (zuriga1, dodo & souphie) - I will pass the recommendations on and keep an eye on the boards until their departure in 2 weeks or so - Bon apetite

        1. I will need to look back in old journals for the name, but my wife and I went to a wonderful Indian place in the 7th a few years ago. Great food! really top notch and cheap by 7th standards. totally back street "hole-in-the-wall" type place. I could walk you to it when we get there the first week of June, but I'm guessing that will be too late. :)

          Is Ledoyen in the 7th (must not be too far) and is it still regarded as good? I remember the location to be very nice.

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            Ledoyen is in the 8th, on the other side of the river, has three Michelin stars. It is delicious (I just reviewed it) but not mind-blowing and quite expensive. The location indeed is exceptional.

          2. Thank you for another couple of ideas - my in-laws leave in 3 days and I am sure they will find terrific places from these replies -