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Mar 22, 2008 11:17 PM

Wild Game in Italy

I'm heading to Italy next week, and will be in Rome, Amalfi, Cortona, Siena, Parma, and Milan. Wild game being illegal to sell here in the states, I was looking to get some in Italy (I'm assuming farm-raised elk or boar isn't the same). Any suggestions?

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  1. Unfortunately you are coming at the the wrong time of year. Fall-Winter is when you need to be in Italy for game, especially wild boar. You might look for things like wild boar or venison sausages in better stocked salumerie.

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      You should be able to find wild boar (cinghiale) prosciutto year-round in Tuscany and elsewhere in Northern Italy.

    2. I was in Italy week before last and one of the restaurants I looked at in the Slow Food Osterie & Locande d'Italia had half wild rabbit on the menu. The best my wife and I could make out of this is that it was the half they didn't run over. We have driven miles in Northern Italy off the beaten track and until this year when we actually saw deer in the Alto Adige, we had only seen one animal in the wild, a rabbit. I cautioned my wife that the wily lobo must close at hand, but she thought that it was an escaped domestic rabbit. Perhaps it was recaptured and thus a half wild rabbit. Anyway, the Slow Food guide bristles with restaurants serving wild game in season and the half wild stuff out of season, I guess.

      1. The black boar is the symbol of Benevento which is about an 1.5 hrs from Amalfi and you will find it there and all over southern Italy.