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Mar 22, 2008 10:41 PM

Where to buy non fat coconut milk?

Mme Zoe and I are successfully losing pounds (more than 10 each so far since January) on WeightWatchers but need to find a source for non fat coconut milk in WLA if possible.

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  1. I've honestly *never* seen that in stores. You might have to make your own by steeping coconut in nonfat milk. Or add coconut extract itself to nonfat milk -- but most coconut extracts have pretty poor flavour.
    Me, I use Light Coconut milk from Trader Joe's. I love it. Maybe try using half of that, half skim milk to make it really lowfat?

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    1. re: khh1138

      I was gonna suggest the half-ing it, but using half coconut light and half fat-free half-and-half.

      I'd call Gelson's as well.

    2. Not sure if they have it but you might want to try Mitsuwa Market - on Venice Blvd (also one downtown).

      1. If you put the can in the fridge to further solidify the fat, opened can and removed the solid fat, I'm thinking the resulting liquid would be pretty low fat. Have never seen non-fat c-milk in town only the "lite" brands.

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          I have done that, and it the sense that you get rid of the fat. The resulting dishes are edible, but you definitely know what you're missing.

          Congrats on having lost your weight - we've done pretty well in that line ourselves, though by different routes: Mrs. O is doing an evening "Boot Camp" fitness course, while I simply spent two weeks having a horrible version of the flu. Worked, though. Anyway, throughout all of this, we have maintained an awareness that Into every life a little fat must fall - you just have to decide what kind it will be. 2% milk instead of the ghastly Skim, a few pieces of well-blotted bacon on Sunday, but watch the carbs and don't get silly with the Earth Balance or the mayonnaise. In your case, I think I would choose a dish that uses not a whole lot of coconut milk, use the whole-fat version, and don't eat too damn much of it. Just a suggestion.

        2. Yeah, the closest I've seen is the "light" version at Trader Joe's. I've bought it; it's good. I agree that skimming the solidified fat off the top would work to further reduce the fat content. However, the result would be more like a coconut water; without the fat, it's really not "milk" anymore. And as far as the suggestions RE: mixing coconut milk with skim milk or half and half are concerned... are you people SERIOUS? Really??? FYI: Coconut milk is not really milk. It does not come from an animal. It is just the juice of a coconut. Mixing it with cow's milk would turn it into something completely different--and, in my opinion, disgusting. My Pacific Islander blood curdles just thinking about it.

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          1. re: recovering_vegetarian

            coconut milk is the liquid obtained from water applied to coconut solids. the liquid inside a coconut is "coconut water".
            see, e.g.,

            i love coconut milk in dishes; the mouth feel is so rich, too! maybe coconut is my favorite nut.

          2. I'm not sure that's possible and I know I wouldn't want the additives needed to make that palatable. As far as I know, even light coconut milk is simply full fat coconut milk cut with water. You can certainly drop the fat content by skimming the coconut cream off the top, although I'm not certain that there is much fat that rises to the top in Lite Coconut Milk. The refridgerator technique laid out below will probably be hit or miss. I've tried it with some cans, (actually, to try to speed up the separation so I could use the cream and not the mik) and the entire can became a solid mass.

            You're best bet will probably be to dilute Lite Coconut Milk with water or some stock or maybe even soy milk if it's for a dessert. You'll miss the strong cocount flavor and it will have some fat. Let us know what you do.