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Mar 22, 2008 09:37 PM

[stl] Graduation meals

I'm looking for two ideas for graduation meals.

1) Restaurant for dinner for 10-12 adults, reasonable prices ($12-20 entrees). My original idea was Pestalozzi Place off of South Grand, but they've closed now. Lighting preferably bright, and not too loud as there are a few older people joining us. Food can be anything really.

2) Carry-out/catering preferably near Wash U for a lunch with for about 25 people (though we'll supplement with some homemade items). Prices should be $10-15 per person total (though a bit higher wouldn't be horrible).

any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank you

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  1. One of my favorite place on South Grand is Cafe Natasha's Kabob International. The meat is really delicious and the place is very friendly to both semi-adventuresome people
    (beef tongue in curry sauce) and non-adventuresome (chicken kabobs).

    Not sure about carryout.

    1. The Shaved Duck will take over where Pestalozzi Place was. Should be opening in a couple weeks. The guys from the Scottish Arms are doing this spot. Featuring all N. American craft brews. Should be great.

      Try Frazer's in Benton Park. Good food and reasonable prices. Great patio if it's warm enough. Also try Niche. They to a 3 course prie fixe for 35 dollars. They also have a private dining room. Sidney Street Cafe as well. There is also a GREAT new BBQ place...VERY casual by SLU: Pappy's Smokehouse. Super good ribs. They even do a great carryout!!!

      OH! Ricardo's Italian cafe in Lafayette Square is great!!!! Good food and super reasonable prices. Ricardo's really might be the way to go.

      Carryout: Gourmet to Go, Joe Boccardi's in FPSE, Bread Co just to name a few.