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Mar 22, 2008 09:34 PM

SoBe Next Weekend


I'm going to be visiting South Beach next weekend with my boyfriend and three other friends - all mid 20's. I'd really appreciate reccs for great places to eat. I'm looking for one nice dinner for just my boyfriend and I. Doesn't have to be super trendy, but good food and atmosphere would be nice...any cuisine, looking to spend maybe $100 w/o drinks.

Also, I'm interested in finding a few good, casual lunch and/or brunch spots for all five of us.


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  1. Nemo has great seafood and a nice atmosphere.

    Prime 112 is the always popular choice, great food and a fun people watching spot.

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    1. re: Sobe4u

      prime 112 for around $100 will not be easy! worth it though. lunch has some cheaper options but dinner is the scene

      1. re: dmo305

        Neither is Nemo or Quattro. Quattro is overpriced.

        1. re: tpigeon

          If you are @ $100pp for food alone you will be fine at all these places, though I don't recommend quattro. I misread your post.

    2. I was just in South Beach on Saturday and we ate at Quattro on Lincoln. The tables are a little close but the food is great.
      Also, if your into Italian go to Sardinia, you wont be sorry.
      Good Eats

        1. I love Osteria Romana on Espanola Way (off Washington Avenue around 15th Street) for casual fare - lively street atmosphere and even some fun shopping!
          For a nice dinner how do you feel about beef? Kobe Club is REALLY cool and can probably be done for $100.00 per person for food - as a matter of fact I know someone who had a tasting menu there for about $100. If you go, ask for a booth.
          For lunch if the weather's right, what's better than Cuban sandwiches and chips on the beach?? I go to a place on 26th and Collins, but there are lots of places farther south too. Have fun!

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          1. re: Yummy II

            I think it's possible, but you'd have to order pretty judiciously at Kobe Club to stay south of $100. The online menu does not have a tasting menu per se, but does have a "samurai's flight" of various kobe and wagyu steaks for 2 people - but for $225. Apps are mostly in the high teens and up (except a couple simple salads); other than a "small" American prime filet or strip (6oz, 8oz respectively) for under $30, 8 oz. of just about any of the other steak options (American, Australian or Japanese wagyu) will set you back $80+++. There are some fish and chicken entrees in the $30s, but it's not called "Chicken Club," after all. Side dishes range $7 - $13.

            In other words, I think it could be done for under $100 but you'd have to be careful.

            1. re: Yummy II

              Hosteria Romana is bad now and Kobe Club is hugely overpriced. Neither are recommended.

              If you are at 100 pp food alone go to (in no particular order):
              Joes Stone Crabs
              Prime 112
              Osteria del Teatro
              Maison d' Azur
              Table 8 - steak only

            2. I am in your age range and live down here. When my friends come down or I am looking for romatic with the girlfriend on the beach, here are my go to spots...

              For the romantic dinner, I loved the vibe and surroundings of Maison D'Azur. Good restaurant, beautiful setting, house dj plays. Make a reservation a bit later for a cooler St Tropez vibe. Prime 112 is the quintessential SoBe scene-spot now. I do not think it will fully fit in your budget if you get steaks and sides, to be honest. The steaks run in the 50s for the most part. However, I like the fish dishes more than the steaks at prime, and those run low to mid thirties. Nobu is always delicious for the cooked items. For dinner with the large group, either Philippe (if it is open) or China Grill are good for the group thing. My girlfriends friends do group dinners at Bond St a lot too. Another good group spot is SushiSamba. The food is admittedly above average but it is right on Lincoln Rd, great people watching, great drinks and an in-house dj.

              For lunch/brunch you can go to Front Porch on Ocean, Jerry's, Big Pink or Icebox. You should definitely go to Joe's Takeaway for lunch or breakfast ( breakfast served until 10:30)... it is one of the best deals on the beach and a great way to avoid the famous waits at dinner. On Sunday, Clarke's does a great brunch with $5 bloodys/mimosas.


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              1. re: mikek

                Can we please stop with the Jerry's reccomendations? That place is terrible.

                1. re: tpigeon

                  For late night food it is not awful, though Rustica is certainly superior. As for brunch on the beach that does not cost an arm and a leg, please name me some other spots besides there, Big Pink or Front Porch. Clarke's on Sunday is a great brunch. Joe's stops serving at 10:30 AM. Front Porch has no AC (which is awful for 1/2 the year if not more). That leaves Big Pink, which is not so unbelievable either. Ice Box I have had some real clunkers at also (and it is quite expensive for what it is - an $8 piece of stale cake is unacceptable). Where else would you recommend, for my benefit as well?

                  P.S. The real mystery to me is how they are affiliated with Rascal House and RH was so delicious while Jerry's exudes such mediocrity.

                  1. re: mikek

                    Rascal House was around for a long time before it ever came to be acquired by the chain that owns Jerry's.

                    1. re: Frodnesor

                      I ate at Jerry's deli a long time ago in LA and thought it was good and I was excited for the Miami location - which we all know is a disaster.

                      These people also own epicure which is very good and they are replacing the Rascal house with another epicure location. Hopefully the new epicure will be as good as the sobe one.

                      1. re: Frodnesor

                        I realized that. And while mentioning the Rascal House, what a shame it is closing tomorrow forever. Will certainly be meeting my parents there tomorrow for a final meal before the closing of an era.

                      2. re: mikek

                        50 plus meals at Ice Box ZERO clinkers... breakfast/brunch is always fresh and solid. Balan's actually does a decent breakfast. I also go no frills at David's II. No bells and whistles just a basic inexpensive breakfast that works while I;m reading my Sunday NY Post. Their coffee helps..

                        1. re: mikek

                          I had no complaints about your other recs. Jerrys just doesn't belong. The french toast at Icebox is the best I had anywhere btw..