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Mar 22, 2008 09:17 PM

Veggie Burgers – Baltimore area

My husband and I haven't eaten red meat for about 15 years, but we still love getting a veggie burger with lots of good toppings. The bigger the list of toppings (including cheese), the happier I am.

We love the Black Bean burger at Zodiac, the little veggie wimpies at Rocket to Venus and even (ever so occasionally) the Boca burgers at Johnny Rockets. Gertrude's does a nice black bean burger although the patty isn't homemade.

Any suggestions for other places?

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  1. I am pretty fond of the Weed Burger at Paper Moon diner. Always moist on the inside, never dried out. It has avocado, sprouts, lettuce (and tomato, I think) and you can get cheese. I would guess they'd add other toppings.

    Friends on Aliceanna also does a nice set of veggie sliders.

    Friends At Fells Point
    1634 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

    Papermoon Diner
    227 W 29th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

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      Mothers in Federal hill has a prety good veggie burger. The have allof the toppings snd their fresh cut fries are great. It is a real "burger expereince."

    2. I was raised vegetarian, but I love veggie burgers.

      I can't believe I'm recommending a chain, but I think Red Robin serves up 20 or so different burgers, any of which you can get with either a Gardenburger veggie pattie or a Boca pattie (which I think is the flame-grilled one so it's more "burger"-like).

      I do NOT like the veggie burger at Mother's.

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      1. re: scarlet starlet

        OK glad you went first Scarlet- I was watching this thread and 1st VB not mentioned in the orgional post was the one at Red Robin. It's tasty esp. if you can avoid the nights when there is actually someone walking around in a robin costume.

        The black Bean Burger at Dougherty's is tasty and now that it is smoke free it's even better.

        1. re: poached

          The one in Columbia is filled with screaming kids and the guy in the bird costume; the one in Towson is generally better. I LOVE the Santa Fe burger there (it has guacamole, roasted poblanos, chipotle mayo, tortilla strips, and fried onions on it).

      2. One World Cafe in Canterbury has a pretty tasty homemade veggie burger and lots of other meatless options!

        1. Hi ktracy - great topic! My favorite veggie burgers are those that are made fresh and offer a respite from the basic Morningstar or Boca burger served in restaurants. It really irks me that most restaurants serve pre-made, unintelligent versions we can buy in the grocery store.

          Here are my faves in Bmore:

          1) The lentil burger at Dogwoods in Hampden. The first time I went there for lunch, the restraurant was out of it, and I was totally bummed. Nonetheless, I went back two weekends ago and finally got to try it. Let's just say...DELICIOUS! One drawback? It's messy so it's tough to eat with hands.

          2) Donna's veggie burger: unexpectedly fresh and delicious. Plus, the roll its served on and the roasted potatoes are nice additions.

          Go try 'em and report back. I'd love to hear your opinion!

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          1. re: SGI

            Great call! How could I forget about that burger at Dogwoods! I had it a couple months ago and although it is a bit messy it's worth it (I gave in and used the kinfe and fork)!

            1. re: SGI

              Great suggestions, all! Can't wait to try these out.

              And, SGI, it is annoying when restaurants resell frozen veggie burgers! Cafe Hon uses the Morningstar Black Bean burger (I'm sure of it!) and charge close to $9.00 for it!

            2. The best veggie burger I have found in baltimore is at the Waterfront Hotel

              They have a great homemade black bean and walnut burger.