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Mar 22, 2008 08:34 PM

Next choice in Baltimore??

What's the new place in Baltimore that you are thinking of trying next and why?

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  1. The new Joss Cafe (sushi?) opening soon in the 400 block of North Charles Street. I've always heard their Annapolis location is good but I don't get down that way very often. Does anyone have any opinions about Joss?

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    1. re: egret62

      I think Joss is great! Their sushi is always very fresh and tasty. I grew up in Annapolis, and now live in Mt. Vernon, so I'm very excited that Joss is following me!

    2. I hear Pasta Mista is set to open their second location in the Brewer's Hill Strip Mall (the one with 5 guys and Dunkin Donuts) in April. I hope that doesn't mean May? People seem to rave about their pizza, and I think someone mentioned the cheese steak being pretty good too. I am always up for good pizza.

      1. Pho -Hollins Market Area: I've heard great things
        AnnaBell Lee Tavern: I always like a good tavern with great food-just hasn't made it into the schedule yet
        Hesitently tempted to try Indigma but I worry that it will be too pricey for what it is-any reports?

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        1. re: poached

          I really like Indigma. I think their prices are high if you think of it as your typical Indian restaurant. But, if you think of it as contemporary, international cuisine, then I think it's very reasonable. Appetizers start at around $5, and entrees start at about $12, and go up to about $25-30. They also have very interesting cocktails, attentive service, and a nice ambiance.

          1. re: poached

            I really like Indigma. Instead of doing a tradiional buffet, they do indian tapas. I really like it. Now, it is no rasika, but it is good enough where I'd take my parents when they come visit (being from India and all)

            1. re: desi_foodgeek

              Yeah, I'm also of India descent and I took my parents when they visited me. They loved it! My dad raved that the fish he ordered (machi addraki) was the best cooked fish he's ever had. I've never been for the lunch tapas, but just ordered an assortment of small plates and big plates for dinner. They also have an avocado pakora appetizer that is mild, but quite tasty and a very interesting concept.

          2. Luca's cafe. Opened by the people who own the much loved Matthew's Pizza. Hear the crust is skinny but delish. Going on sunday. Will update!

            1. Theres a new crab place in the heart 'o Fells Point, on Thames Street opening this spring. I want to check that out, hope it's not a total "reheated crab" tourist trap.

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                1. re: Hal Laurent

                  It's called Riptide. right near Daily Grind. Should be a great addition to the neighborhood- they are planning to be open the last week of April.

                2. re: hon

                  Are you talking about Miss Irene's? I've seen construction being done for what seems like forever but have yet to hear anything...

                  1. re: BaltoPhilFood

                    It's the side east of Broadway, across from the Rec Pier, not Miss Irene's, Lord knows when thats going to open: