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Mar 22, 2008 08:22 PM

Thorough Bread and Pastry?

A friend just sent me this note:

"An excellent new addition to the San Francisco artisan bread and pastry
scene *just* opened:

Thorough Bread and Pastry
248 Church Street
Church near Market...right next to Sparky's

This is operated by the San Francisco Baking Institute ( and
most of the product is baked at the school."

Has anyone been to this bakery, yet? If so, how was it? I'm going to try to get there in the next day or so and I'll report, also.


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  1. Thanks for the tip ... but gee .. this makes me sad ...for better or worse that means the last Just Dessert retail shop closed in SF.

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    1. re: rworange

      Isn't there a Just Desserts shop in the Metreon -- or has that closed, too?

      1. re: Nancy Berry

        It still is there...but I think they may still have actually baked at the one on Church St.

        1. re: ChowFun_derek

          I don't think there's been any baking there in 25 years. As I recall, when Just Desserts built their bigger bakery in Bayview, they expanded the cafe into the old bakery space.

    2. I'm the guy who first alerted Nancy... I finally went there myself. Had a baguette, ciabatta, and croissant. All the best I've had in SF.

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      1. re: AllenCohn

        Had a terrific flakey crusted danish...and their brownies are very chewy! Not cakey, not fudgey...but chewy!

      2. Can anyone please tell us the hours of operation for this place?

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        1. re: lmarie

          Per tablehopper, Tue–Sat 7am–7pm, Sun 7am–3pm, closed Monday.

        2. I tried a ham and cheese croissant. I bought it in the evening and ate it, heated, the next morning, so I was prepared to give lots of leeway since it was day-old. Well, no need for leeway. The croissant was crisply flaky on the outside with distinct flaky layers within. It's not the bomb that Tartine's ham and cheese croissant is: Thorough's is much lighter on the cheese, has just a bit of thinly sliced ham, and isn't heavy with butter. Don't get me wrong -- Tartine's ham-and-cheese croissant is one of my favorite treats -- but Thorough's is a very good rendition of a different style.

          I also tried a shortbread, which was nice and crumbly.

          Staff was well-meaning but amateurish.

          I'll be back.

          1. I got a very respectable demi-baguette and a slice of apple galette. The galette was a bit small but tasty. The baguette was crusty and chewy.

            It's quite a pretty space with a sheltered patio and Harney teas.