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Mar 22, 2008 06:47 PM

Emergency dessert recipe -- fillings for crepes

I thought I had tomorrow's dessert in hand. It was going to be crepes with strawberries (with a little tarragon) and a little whipped cream on the side.

Come to find out the strawberries where I went today looked anemic. Really bad in fact. And I don't want to drive all over creation at this late hour.

So I'm thinking of other crepe fillings. I have some special rose jam. I think that would be very springy and am thinking of putting some toasted pistachios on top.

But a lot of people might not like that. So I was going to come up with one more. I was thinking of a chestnut filling. I have a can of unsweetened chestnut puree. Was thinking of sweetening that. But that might be a bit thin. What would make sense? I saw one recipe that added creme fraiche to sweetened chestnut cream. What would work instead?

My concept was going to be a nod to spring (the rose jam crepes) and a farewell nod to winter (the chestnut crepes) -- especially fitting since we have a good amount of fresh snow on the ground.

Another possibility would be lemon curd if I have time to run out and get some. Wouldn't make at this point.

Any thoughts on tweaking the ideas I have or coming up with some new ones?

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  1. In step with several recent threads, I do like to fill my dessert crepes with a souffle, fold them and bake, dust with powdered sugar. All sorts of interesting souffles possibly including folding in some of your rose jam. Pina colada souffle with pineapple and coconut. Chocolate. Anything at all.

    And then, of course, there is the very very classic crepes suzette. Got any orange liqueur? I'll bet all of your guests have heard of it, but very few will actually have had it.

    1. do you have ricotta? you could do something that was more in line with a blintz... there's always the classic Nutella.

      1. I'm a crepes suzette fan. I made a throw-together crepe last week. I carmelized sugar, added a splash of brandy, toasted almond slices and crepes folded in quarters. You could fill the crepes with banana slices. I don't like to over fill because I like to taste the crepe.

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          I was gonna suggest similarly, except instead of a suzette, you could do orange flavored if you've got orange juice, rind, and frangelico.

          You could also do an amaretto sauce, depending upon ingredients you've got... even add in a bit of Bailey's Irish Cream.

          Very simple might be to sprinkle them w/ cinnamon sugar while they cook, ie poor in pan, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, allow to set and then flip. Serve w/ a little creme fraiche or creme anglaise.

          If you had cherries for some reason, a jubilee.

        2. I love your rose and pistachio idea. You could also just pick a different type of berry and go with your original idea, which sounded lovely and simple.

          1. half lemon curd and half mascarpone is lovely. another poster suggests ricotta, and i think lemon curd and ricotta would work nicely, as well.