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Mar 22, 2008 04:45 PM


Had it Thursday night. It seems to me it doesn't get much better than that. Let alone that it's a meal unto itself. Other full-on entrees that compare favorably?

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  1. Haven't tried the wily boar at Grace, but I have a feeling I would give it two very enthusiastic utensils up. I have had that same feeling during spirited consumption of the suckling pig and the short rib entree's at Lucques on more than one occasion.

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      I love Lucques and those two dishes (and the steak for 2 is awesome) -- so yeah, you gotta try the wild boar at Grace.

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        I never understood what all the fuss about the suckling pig at Lucques was all about. I ordered it and didn't think anything of it. I don't know, but it just might be my Chinese upbringing. We always have pork like that, except that it tastes a lot better.

      2. I agree, the boar at Grace is a fantastic entree! Another favorite of mine is the venison at Josie (especially when we order a side of the fried rapini).

        1. Agree that the wild boar at Grace may be the best entree in the city. Great as a stand-alone dish, but why not precede it with their amazing pork belly appetizer, and follow up with one of their incredible desserts? :)

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            Yeah, had the donut, it was butterscotch that night (it was not a Wed) and it was great. Have recently tried donuts at Craft and Osteria Mozza -- I think the Grace may have been my favorite, though they're all pretty darn decent. But I'm glad you agree on the boar. So memorable.

          2. the Salmon at Grace was the best salmon i've ever had anywhere...