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Mar 22, 2008 04:26 PM

Runner's Dinner Before Cherry Blossom 10M

There's a group of 6 of us that all do the Cherry Blossom 10 miler (race) together. Our previous tradition was to eat at Bertucci's in Columbia the night before the race to get our carb load on. This year, one of our friends moved to VA so we're just going to eat an early-ish (5 or 5:30) dinner in DC. We need a place that's metro accessible, has good carb choices such as pastas or thin pizzas that aren't too cheesy/greasy and isn't too expensive. Can anybody help us out with this?

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  1. MatchBox and Ella's in Penn Quarter might be a good options for pizza. At that hout you could also get in without much difficulty.

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      I would not recommend either of these for your carb overload before the race. If you can wait until 6, I would suggest Pasta Mia in Adams Morgan. Huge portions! Another place could be Magginamo's or even Vapiano's on 18th and M St.

    2. If you're happy with Bertucci there's one next to the GW University campus and a couple of blocks from the Foggy Bottom station:

      If you're OK staying in VA, I'd suggest Bebo [ ] in Crystal City as your Italian meal. I've had better service at the bar, but read this board for other's experiences. It's a bit of a walk from the Crystal City Metro, but you're athletes.

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        Also a Bertuccis in Dupont Circle

      2. I like Il Raddichio in Arlington (off the rosslyn metro I think). They have unlimited past for around $8-$10. You can pick out of 30 sauces or so to add to the pasta. Don't remember their pizza. Look up their menu online.

        Do tell us where you end up going!

        1. What about Paradiso Pizzeria in Dupont? If you go early as you state above, you should have no problem getting a table for 6. i love their pizza because it's really thin and sort of charred (in a good way) from the brick oven. They top their pizzas just as they do in italy - sparingly but with the best ingredients. Not a big glop of cheese & gunk on it so the real flavors can come thru. It's a couple blocks from the dupont metro. Price is right too. Enjoy!

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            Hmm, I think it's narrowed down to vappiano or paradizo pizzeria. Paradizo pizzeria would win in a heartbeat if everybody wanted pizza, but I think some people might want pasta. Any other suggestions?

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              I would still recommend Matchbox, despite Jacey's comment. It has great pizza, usually at least one or two pasta options, an assortment of other options, and a nice vibe. Having run the Cherry Blossom myself, I would find it a good option because you do not need to carbo load like you would for a marathon. Pizza paradiso is always good, but has a more limited menu. Vapiano is the Mcdonalds of italian food, but still okay.

          2. I wonder if for what you're looking for Buco di Beppo, just north of DuPont (on the red line), might fit the bill well. I've never been to the DC one, only in other cities, but they've been good for groups, family-style and comfortable, and definitely good for carb-loading.