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Mar 22, 2008 03:59 PM

Cooking schools in Chianti

I am researching a trip for my mom, who is looking for an all-inclusive cooking school in the Chianti region. When I say all-inclusive, I mean that she wants to stay in one property where the cooking school is run, be driven/bused to all of the excursions, and to be picked up and dropped off at the Florence airport (she doesn't like venturing in new countries on her own!). There are so many cooking schools in Tuscany now that random internet research is no longer helpful. If any has personal experience with any of these schools, I would love to hear about it. Thanks!

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  1. I can help! I know a wonderful cooking school run by 2 Florintine women. They will provide wonderful cooking classes, excursions and great companionship. i also have a driver who speaks english that can help with transfers. email me

    1. Lorenza di Medici's Badia e Coltibuono. There will be a lot of information in a SHAW Guide to Cooking Schools (in the "Avocation" or non-professional section, Italy). There isn't a lovlier spot in all of Tuscany than this restored abbey that is a family home. Your mother may never want to leave however ............
      FYI: Lorenza de Medici is the author of "TUSCANY The Beautiful Cookbook". If you can find this for your mother, it would put the trip over the top.

      1. If your mom prefers to be immerse in the Italian life and cooking, I suggest her Toscana Mia cooking school . She lives with an Italian family and has cooking classes and excursions . The website is . Or you can find also information on the Chianti website

        1. Have I got lead for you!!! It appears exactly what you are looking for:

          We were in Castellina in Chianti last summer with a group of women who had just done their program. They could not stop talking about it.

          It's 4 Italian Grandma's....The Tuscan Mammas........1 runs the Inn, 1 does the cooking classes and the trips to the market, 1 does the wine and 1 does the olive oil education. It's a 4 day all inclusive program and you stay with them. Very warm and wonderful surroundings.

          here's a description of the program:

          It sounded so fun for a group, I'm trying to line up a girls trip sometime!

          We did also go to Badia e Coltibuono which was lovely for lunch but I understand their cooking school is much more formal and expensive.

          1. check out i went in june. it was incredible!