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Mar 22, 2008 03:53 PM

Rue des Boulangers/5th - Suggestions

We are heading back to Paris in June for our second trip. We are staying in an apartment on Rue des Boulangers, we also stayed in the 5th our last trip to Paris. Any suggestions for good bakeries, markets, or restaurants in this area? We went to Petit Pontoise and Louis Vins last time and liked them a lot, but want some new experiences this time. (Also, I welcome suggestions regarding any other beloved restos in Paris, as long as dinner for two is under 100E). Thanks!

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  1. At both ends of the rue Monge are the two major bakers in town: Le Boulanger de Monge and Kayser. Great bistrots in the neighborhood include le Pre Verre, chez René, la Rotisserie du Beaujolais, l'AOC. Markets are on rue Mouffetard and at Maubert, both great (Mouffetard is an everyday market, Maubert is saturdays and ?). Les Papilles is also a great wine shop that has great foods (re Gay Lussac). There is a very good, very cheap vietnamese (7eur menu...) on rue Berthollet called Thao Ly. Chinatown is not far away, see Pho 14 and Asia Palace on the other side of the place d'Italie. While in that area, l'Avant-Gout rue Bobillot is one of the great value in town, has a wine shop.

    Other top bistrot ideas in your budget include La Régalade av Jean Moulin (14th), chez l'Ami Jean rue Malar (7th), le Baratin (20th).

    May I also suggest my favourite affordable lunch at BE, bd de Courcelles (8th/17th), with 13 eur truffle pasta and the best passion fruit tart, for 4,10eur.

    1. There is (or at least was) a cute little irish pub on that street, called Finnegan's Wake. 2nd Souphie's bakery and market recs - from where you are, maubert is a lot closer. Mouffetard is, for me, much more interesting towards the bottom by Gobelins, where the market is, so that's worth the walk. by both markets you'll also see a good assortment of little cheese shops, butchers, etc.

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        I second Bob Loblaw's rec for the rue Mouffetard. and there is a delicious place for breakfast down near the market, The Café Mouffetard looks more like a bar, but inside they serve the best brioche I have ever eaten, along with their delicious house made croissants and pain complèt.

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          You've been mentioning that for a while and I haven't been yet. Luckily I'm back in Paris now and I'll go to le Café Mouffetard soon.

      2. Just down the street is Restaurant au Moulin a Vent; haven't been there for a while, but have fond memories of the frog legs and Saler beef. Check out their web site.

        1. For a casual, hearty lunch or dinner, I'm a fan of Les Pipos, which is on rue de la Montagne Ste-Geneviève coming down behind the Pantheon. I had one of the top three potato gratins of my life here a while ago. Tiny, tiny place, with wood bar, red-and-white checked tablecloths and Auvergnat plats du jour all priced at around 11 €.