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ISO Strawberry cake or cupcakes in WLA

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and I particularly want the cake itself to be strawberry - like pink and moist - and maybe with either a cream cheese or vanilla buttercream frosting. I have been to a few places lately where they claim it is strawberry cake, but it is really just white cake with a strawberry flavor - blech! I need it for a baby shower for next weekend. Thanks!

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  1. My favourite (for everything, really) -- Pie N Burger. Not on the Westside, sorry. But stop and have a cheeseburger when you pick up the cake and the trip will be that much more worth it.
    Pie N Burger
    913 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106
    6am - 10pm M-F
    7am - 10pm Sat
    7am - 9pm Sun