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Mar 22, 2008 03:47 PM

Where to find fresh lavender in DC area?

Hi there,

I'm looking for fresh lavender to use as a garnish for a lavender champagne cocktail I'm serving @ my wedding in July.

Thing is, every lavender farm I've found online only has a "local pickup" option for their fresh cooking lavender - and most of these farms are located on the West Coast.

Are there any local farms that sell fresh lavender this summer, or does anyone know of any farms that are willing to ship their fresh lavender sprigs?


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  1. Most of the local farmers' markets around here have lavender in the summer. Alternatively, I grow lots of lavender and you are welcome to take some from my garden - I live on the SW side of Baltimore, right near the the Baltimore beltway.

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      You are so kind! Thanks for the tips, Egret62. You may hear from me in a few months. ;-) best wishes.

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        Hi Eget,
        I saw your post from March. I am a bartender and I am making Lavender Lemonade for a big party (200 people). Do you have 4 cups of lavender in your yard?

        Martin in Catonsville

      2. What a lovely idea!

        There are a number of farmers at the Dupont farmers market that carry lavendar in the summer. Maybe someone at FreshFarm, the group that runs it (and others in the area) could point you in the direction of some contacts that would take care of the lavendar you need for your wedding?

        Here's their contact info:

        tel 202.362.8889
        fax 202.244.2131

        1. My varieties are ornamental, but like Egret62, you're welcome to raid my garden. I'm in Herndon.

          1. Have you looked at localharvest? This might help with your wedding plans-seasonal timings:


            1. De Baggio's Herb Farm & Nursery in Chantilly. The greenhouse opens this weekend.

              At Dupont, you could try Gardener's Gourmet.


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                Growing your own lavender is pretty easy - I do it in pots all summer and it grows fast as long as you have some sun.

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                  You might be wise to talk to an herb farmer who grows lavender for culinary use. That way it won't have sprays, etc. like ornamentals grown for the florist trade might have.
                  Ask about getting it for the wedding. Do you really need that much if you're just using it for champagne cocktails? Not like you need a bushel, huh? You could make arrangements to have it grown to order.
                  Lavender comes in different colors (deep to light blue, white and pink) and flower sizes. Some is very strongly scented.
                  The stuff grows like a weed around here but you really don't want to take a chance for your wedding, do you?
                  Monavano's idea of the Gardener's Gourmet at Dupont Circle might work well.