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Mar 22, 2008 03:46 PM

Best Pozole in San Miguel?

Looking to try pozole for the first time, so far have heard about Bugambilia and La Posadita. What about La Alborada? Any other place? Any opinions on these? Also, should I try red or white pozole (in other words, what's the difference?) Thanks in advance, chowhounds----

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  1. Hi

    I have had the Pozole at La Posadita a couple of times and really enjoyed. I haven't tried it at the other places you mention but La Posadita's hit the spot as does most of the other dishes they serve. I love that place because of thr roof top dining experience, excellent Mexican at reasonable prices and damn good Margaritas.

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      Hi RoyRon,
      Just returned from having Pozole at La Alborada. Great! And has the bonus of being totally an SMA locals place, which made it really interesting as well. And cheap --- you wouldn't believe! We tried La Posadita when we first got here: gorgeous view, freezing wind, food okay but somehow --- we prefer El Correo, Cafe la Parroquia, Ole Ole. Maybe more down and dirty? Anyway, a friend who lives here said La Alborada was where he ate his pozole, so we gave it a try. Wish we weren't leaving on Monday, so I could eat it again!
      Lucky you, to be staying here ---

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