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Mar 22, 2008 03:30 PM

Buffalo wings & Beer - Glen Burnie, B and A Blvd

This should probably go on the chains board but I'll let the moderators decide. This place catered 98 Rock's morning show a few weeks ago and Mickey was chowing down like there was no tomorrow. Has anyone been?

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  1. I drove by today and the B & A Blvd location is not open yet.

    1. The Parkville location is open in the Superfresh plaza on Harford Road at Taylor, but I have not been yet.

      1. We went to the BWB in Glen Burnie last night. I am going to compare it to Bill Bateman's (BB) in Severna Park.

        The waitress was brand new, and didn't even know what beer they had on tap. She also was chatting up the boys at the bar while our first batch of wings sat in the window, because they weren't hot when we got them. We were the only table in the dining area, so it's not like she was slammed. Aways got piping hot wings and attentive service at BB, so advantage goes to BB. When the food runner brought the other batches, they were steamin' out-of-the-fry-basket hot.

        You order by the pound, which is $7 for 7 wings. The wings are big and meaty, they claim to weigh them before cooking. These wings are definitely bigger than Bill Batemans, but at BB you get 10-12 to an order. So you probably end up with the same amount of food overall.

        I like how you can order hot sauce mixes at BWB, they will custom blend you what you wish for a buck extra. I had the "rooster" (hot) + garlic, which was thick, only medium-hot, vinegary, and garlicky. I preferred their buffalo garlic to Bateman's. We also got BBQ, and medium-hot + teriyaki. BBQ was BBQ sauce, not so great on wings IMHO. The medium-hot+teriyaki were more like mild + teriyaki, but the vinegar-heat-salt combo was quite nice. They would have been great if we got one level higher of heat. But my winging companion likes the dry rub ones at Bateman's, like Old Bay and Lemon Pepper, which BWB does not have.

        BWB are very chintzy with the blue cheese, and it doesn't have chunks. It also comes in a plastic cup too small to really effectively dip the big, fat wings into. They also give you only two slices of celery and two chunks of fat, old, bitter carrot (they explain the two slices on menu, so it wasn't an aberration with our plates). Verrrry chintzy. You need some cool, crunchy, sweet, wet bites to offset the hot, salty wings. Advantage: BB.

        We asked BWB to do them well done (fry hard) so that they were really crisp, but they didn't quite do that. At Bateman's that request gets you some great, crispy wang-dang-thangs. It's not like the wings at BWB were soggy or underdone, but I just like them to really have some serious crunch going on. If they had cooked them for another 60 seconds, they would have been perfect for my taste.

        We dropped $60 on beer and wings for two + tip, which seemed pretty expensive. But now that I think about it, I think we end up paying the same at Bateman's.

        The joint itself was way too brightly lit, with a gazillion TV screens everywhere, including a little flat screen at every booth so you can watch whatever you want at your table. It was empty when we got there around 9:30pm, save for a handful of people at the bar.

        I would have to try it again before I could say whether I would stop going to Bateman's and have BWB become my default wing joint. I really liked the sauces and ability to mix and match. But I think I like smaller wings because you get more of them, which means a higher crispy/saucy surface area to consume (the best part!) than with a fat, meaty wing. And you need a good ratio of bleu cheese, carrots, and celery to make it a really good wing throw-down, IMHO, which BWB really needs to work on.

        There should be a law against serving too many wings to people after 9 pm. I am regretting ordering that last batch this morning! Oh my.

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          Personally, I feel that the Glen Burnie location has ALOT of work to do. I live close to the Glen Burnie location but I prefer going to the one on Harford Rd. eventhough it's 45 minutes out of my way. You still get the same disappointing amount of celery and carrots and the same small tubs of blue cheese but it's more of a bar-ish atmosphere so that counteracts those things for me.

          ETA: And by more bar-ish, I mean that the GB location looks like Chuck-E-Cheese on steroids.