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Mar 22, 2008 03:28 PM

Eat Dessert First?

Remember the old adage? Life is uncertain, eat dessert first." At the Northshore Brasserie in Knoxville, night before last, bless their hearts I had dessert for dinner. I read their menu with enthusiasm. My favorite French frisee salad with lardons and a poached egg. The dressing on the frisee was so sweet all I could manage was the lardons and egg. Ordered Butcher's Steak Frites with Bordelaise sauce. I thought Butcher's Steak was another name for hanger steak but it turned out to be flat-iron marinated in a sugar and I don't know what else. Sauce Bordelaise under the steak was also very sugared. We ended up taking the steak home for our dogs, I think they deserve better but why waste meat? In spite of the sugar, the food was cooked exactly to our liking, but we just found it so sweet it was inedible. If you are a fan of lots of sugar, and have a real sweet tooth this is your place.

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  1. Maybe someone has played a prank and switched out the salt and sugar?

    1. Why didn't you send it back? Obviously some kind of mistake occurred.

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        I don't think so, my DH's food was every bit as sweet. I think that is the way the chef likes the food to taste.