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Mar 22, 2008 03:18 PM

Fresh Corn Tortillas in Western MA

We are coming back from San Miguel in a week, and I am already panicked at not being able to buy fresh corn tortillas. Does anyone know a source for them in the Berkshires, or failing that, in the Pioneer Valley? Failing both of those, any recommendations for a tortilla press at a reasonable price (yes, that desperate)?

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  1. We get the masa at the Spanish store in great Barrington and make our own usually, but Mi tierra in Hadley (Rt.9) has wonderful ones I know she sells.
    Also Brothers Tacos in Albany has wonderful handmade corn tortillas they may sell you.
    You could call Jesus at Ponchos on North St. in Pittsfield and see if he'll make and sell you any.
    Good luck!

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      Cowgirl, I took a cooking class here where Kris Rudolph had us each make our own tortilla on a wooden press. Was emboldened to think I might actually try it back home in the B'shires, especially since you give a lead on masa. Do you do tortilla making consultations ;-) ? The other leads are great too; muchissimas gracias!

      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

        You know, they are really quite easy to make with just a rolling pin. Ridiculously easy. I started making them myself after trying my first ever fresh tortillas at Mi Tierrra. I could not believe how different and how much better they were than the packaged variety. So I bought myself some masa and tried them for myself. The roll out so very easily between two sheets of plastic. I use a gallon ziplock bag cut in half. You really do not need a tortilla press unless you are making lots and lots of tortillas at one time. Also, unless you have a very large flat top, you will still need to fry them one by one. You can roll out the tortilla in less time than it takes to fry.

        1. re: hilltowner

          Well, it's taken me a while to try, but I did this morning. After 4 attempts (making 4 each time) I think I've got the right masa consistency and the roundness. Still got to work on the thinness, and then on the frying time. I'm using a glass plate with the two sheets of plastic as my "press". Thanks for the courage, hilltowner.

          1. re: BerkshireTsarina

            Glad you finally tried it Tsarina. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, if you use a rolling pin instead of the "press", you will probably be able to fix the thinness problem. I can roll them as thin as I want to. Also, I have noticed that the plastic sheets need to be rinsed every third tortilla or so or things start to stick. I stretch this out by rolling three and then turning the sheets to roll the next few.

    2. I think I saw a tortilla press at the Lamson & Goodnow outlet in Shelburne Falls this weekend...

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. To all C.H. tortilla makers: Tonight's effort was a lot better ( two of 8 were pretty good), but some questions remain. What thinness? Rick Bayless says 1/8th of an inch, which we did, but it seemed thick to me. Masa consistency still a tough call: are tortillas more apt to tear and fall apart if too much water or too little?
          What to fry them on has emerged as the question of the day. I used two ungreased skillets as RB suggests, one at medium, one at medium high. But I used non-stick, and at those temps (I have an electric range so can't just as you would a flame) they started to smoke. I don't really like using the non-sticks that way, it isn't good for them. What do you guys use? Sorry to be a pain, but we're really getting into this, Youth Wants to Know! and all that ---except we're kinda old to be learning new tricks.