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Mar 22, 2008 03:17 PM

Recipe for Hob Nobs?

I've been craving this highly addictive oatey, grahamed crunch of a cookie but have had a harder time finding it lately apart from online....

I've googled the recipe and no luck, apart from recipes that seem a bit off, as they seem to be missing graham flour, e.g. the following:

If anyone knows of a good recipe for hob nobs, I'd love it.

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  1. While not quite the same I put the ANZAC biscuit in the same category - oats, coconut, golden syrup, flour. Graham or white whole wheat flour could be used in place of white in any of these recipes if you want the texture difference.


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      Excellent - I'll try it, and thanks!

    2. I used to be addicted to them yrs ago, & I was surprised that it's so hard to find a recipe. Anyway, I did come across this...

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        that looks quite similar to the ANZAC ones, except they include coconut (the Australian touch).

      2. If you live near a Cost Plus/World Market, you can just buy them. They carry many varieties of Hob Nobs and McVities (I especially love the ones with caramel and chocolate).

        1. You might try this recipe, it's from Epicurious. I made it a few weeks back and didn't have the steel cut oats on hand, so had to use just regular rolled oats. Still, the texture was amazingly like Hob Nobs. I imagine you can omit the chocolate chips and the cocoa powder, since it's just 1/4 cup. Not sure if you'd have to make that volume up somewhere else--possible add a little more oats? Anyway, I thought these were terrific. I brought them to a friend's for dessert and decided they needed to be left at her house lest i eat them all in an unseemly quick fashion!
          had to edit this to add the link which i forgot...

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            Thank you! These look really promising - I think perhaps key ingredients may be butter (for the texture you described) as well as golden syrup, and, I just bet, graham flour.

            All of these recipes seem to have similar ratios of butter, flour, sugar, oats...and the mccutcheon wordpress blog recipe includes the golden syrup as does HS's anzac recipe (I'll have to try that anyway, I always love her recipes). Since it is a biscuit where a rougher, heartier texture from a whole grain flour would work well, I'll try a substitution of graham flour for part of the all-purpose flour called for in common.

            I'd better stop musing and start cooking or get my pots off the stove! ;)

            Unfortunately I can't support my addiction in the manner to which it had become accustomed (years back) by going to Cost Plus, etc. but can, if need be, go online. Which might end up being the most economical, with gas being 5 and change where I am. :o