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Mar 22, 2008 02:33 PM

Best Key Lime Pie?

A friend of mine loooves key lime pie, especially if it's really tart and not overly sweet. His birthday is next week and I'm wanting to get him one. What's the best place in the Boston area to get a whole pie (or two)?



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  1. Petsy's pie in Cambridge. Hands down. If it is too far to travel, Pie Guys are ok too. I think it is sold at Wilson Farm in Lexington or Henry's in Beverly.

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      1. Trader Joe's has a great key lime pie, if you prefer the tart kind.

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          I agree with the TJ rec. Very good, reasonably priced. Make sure to whip some cream to go on top.

        2. If none of those options work, it is amazingly easy to make. Just pick up a bottle of key lime juice at any Shaws or Stop & Shop and an Oranoke pie crust, add the ingredients listed on the back of the key lime juice bottle (sweetened condensed milk, add eggs for meringue or add whipped cream) and you can enjoy as many pies as you like!

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            Houston's, hands down. I'm pretty sure they'll sell you a whole pie.

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              Couldn't find a web site for them. Can you tell me where Houston's is ?? Thanks !!

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              I agree. I've tried several in restaurants, and like my own the best(not just my opinion :-) ). Besides, in restaurants they never give you a big enough slice.

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